Guess the molecule, Part 2! [Steem Prize]

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No one guessed the molecule from my first post, so I'm posting a new painting of the same molecule!


Couple hints:
-It is a common molecule that which almost everyone has heard the name
-The red/pinks are carbon atoms and the yellows are nitrogen!

There will be a small Steem reward for the correct answer!

This painting is an original. Thank you for your support!



You got it man! I'll send some Steem your way in about a week when this post cashes out. Did you know it from the chemical formula, look it up, or just a shot in the dark?

Thank you @kzollove
your hint - The red/pinks are carbon atoms and the yellows are nitrogen! so it read 10 carbon and 2 nitrogen. Hence guessed :)

@kzollove ..I really am looking forward to participate in contests like this..are not u bringing one soon

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Nice picture, I’m following you now.


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@kzollove ..may be u must have forgotten..but I haven't received my reward yet :) :)