ColorChallenge MondayRed: A lil Acrylic Painting

in #art3 years ago

Indulge yourself in my sweet, sweet paints...


Do you know which molecule is depicted in the painting?? Small steem prize for first correct answer!


Great painting @kzollove . You have beutiful photos and you deserve to get two thumbs. Best shot with correct angle. Even the smallest moment, if captured by way of taking the right picture and at the right time, it will produce a picture of extraordinary images. Visit my blog for my latest post about ' Wood Mushroom (Ganoderma Applanatum) in Aceh'.

Very satisfying to look at. Thank you for sharing.

Wow, this one looks really cool. I think is one of the best paintings I've seen in a while. Nice work. Those colors are beautifully merging together. If you have some time, take look at my last Manipulation Art project. Thanks you for sharing this. @cinci1

Great artwork i think its H20 water !

Is it perhaps a sugar molecule?

Not quite... but along that vein of organic molecule!

I'm going to have to say butane? Looks cool, thanks for sharing.

Not butane! Butane has four carbon atoms and a bunch of hydrogen... A little hint: in my painting, the pink centers represent carbon atoms. The orange represent nitrogen.

Thanks for the compliment!

Nice, thanks for the hint. Follow me back if you like, cheers.

It can be tons of things, many organic compounds have that C5N ring, but let me guess, amino acid?

Hey you're totally right, so many C5N rings out there. Its not an amino acid. It is a pretty common chemical, I would dare say it is a household name with a sometime negative reputation.

Totally Terrific! I love this painting. So different! Thank you for sharing!

I have no idea which molecule so wouldn't even dare guess but I love the painting. Striking and vibrant! Thanks for sharing!