These turned out perfect! I like the one with the flowers on the right of the feather in the scans. Plus the cling effects, all of those look really good.

I am also a huge fan of the water brush! I made a liquid acrylic bookmark post last year. Which brand or kind of water brush do you use?

As far as making bookmarks are concerned, @gotmeens is another seasoned veteran in that department! He and I teamed up to make this one recently:

His original work, on point as usual

My extra flair added

Look how many bookmarks steemit has brought together! It's always fun to discover mutual interests ☺

Oh wow, I love it!! This is so cool and original :D (I did veryy simple haha )
I've mostly seen @gotmeens 's whale art, had no idea about bookmarks ^^
Also that gold art set, I wantt!! O.O
The brand is Koi Water Brush, bought it in an art store, saw later 10 times cheaper online haha.

The gold watercolor is perfect for adding that special little something. Koi, you say. I'll give that one a go next time I get some water brushes. I bought a no-name set of brushes online that leaves a bit to be desired. They were wayyy cheaper than the Pentel Aquash in price and quality.

@gotmeens is a craft wizard in addition to an expert whale painter!

Yeah, added the gold to my to buy list hahah :D
I've bought some regular brushes online, and they were really perfect. However, the waterbrushes have very different texture, so I have to get 1 for test as soon as I can ^^

Getting new supplies is like birthday and Christmas together! I'm so looking forward to having a studio in the future. ☺

Yeahh and it's soo good to have a reason to keep getting more xD and making cool posts :D

Those are just lovely!!

Thank you!! ^-^
Different from what I usually do, but I loved it! Will probably try more watercolor stuff soon again :D

I like them all. Im sure this creative bookmarks somehow helps your subconsciousness to image the storyline from the book better^^

Really glad :D A splash of color certainly can make things easier to pay attention to ^^

Oh these are ballin! Make me a Steemit one! I wonder how much it would cost to ship it here? hmmmmmm

Lots, trust me hahah xD
Thank you! :D

These are really cool, @kristyglas. Well done!

Thank you! ^^

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The turn out pretty cool @kristyglas. Maybe I should try it too!

Definitely!!! Especially if you enjoy painting/DIY :D
Feel free to share here if you do! ^^

All of those bookmarks are really pretty! I have a preference for the ones without borders (only because I'm stupidly picky about when I like borders XD), think the purple flowery one on the white background is my favourite. The spotty one is really cute too, and your favourite is so whimsical and happy looking.

So you have a nice range of bookmarks to choose from when reading now :D


Hihi thank you :D
I was trying out very different styles coz for bookmarks everything sort of fits and I really want to eventually do watercolor paintings ^^
The flowery one was interesting to make: I just used weak color to make shapes with more water and in the end added a dot of strong color in center which spread nicely :D

Really like the texture putting some kind of wrap on the paint as it dries creates.... hadn't seen anyone else do that until now... epic stuff here, love this mess!!!!

Thank you!! :D I think the wrap on paint can be used in many ways, but careful to either use some masking technique or don't cover the whole area leaving edges clean. Because it tends to be a bit slippery until set ^^

You are not so bad, on contrary you should do more watercolor work because this looks really good. Also, yes, If you use salt, be sure to use bigger grains and you have to wait that color and paper get totally dry to take the salt down. Watercolor asks for lot of practice but it's wonderful play @kristyglas :)Just keep up the good work.

Thank you so much and for the tips! :D I'll definitely try more watercolors sometimes. It's more time demanding than I expected ^^
And your work is so beautiful!

thank you @kristyglas, i love watercolors and if i can help someone with tip I try to leave a useful comment :) Looking forward for more yours watercolors :)

Awesome, I like the feather one particularly

Thank you :D
It turned out much better than I hoped haha

so many bookmarks :) and the process looks fun to do

I feel very inspired! I would like to make bookmarks like that, soon I will practice to see how they work out. Thanks for showing your work. and share your experiences. I already know that you have to be patient when working with watercolors.

Thank you for checking this post out! ^^

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