New strange bug painting

in #art3 years ago

Strange bug 3, oil on paper, 20 x 14 cm, 2018.
Strange bug 3.jpg

SB 3 - detail.jpg
Thanks everyone! <3


You have been featured on @artzone.

Courtesy of @gbija

Thank you so much! :-)

Nice reflections and watery foreground effects :)

That landscape, further away in background give a wider dimension to your universe, less macro-photographic than usually :)

Thanks so much @berien! yes, so funny, each one painting is different! :)

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Thank you! :-)

Hi Vesnita!!!!! So schön sind alle Bilder geworden..... geh auf meinen blog, ich hab Deine Bilder, die ich non Dir bekommen habe, gepostet und darunter ist alles voller Komplimente an Dich..... ich bin Dir dann noch die SBD für das post schuldig, da es ja Deine Bilder sind :-)))1000 Baci

Yay danke!! :-)
Schuldest mir gar nichts... bussi :*

Sicher ;-)))) Bussi

at first i thought this was one of your flowers but then i realized this is a wonderful bug, flying over some water surface :D very nice, Vesna ! I really love how you colour and particularly how you treat pale sections on your paintings. They are pearl-like !

This is a bug, standing on an flower! :D Thanks so much dude! :)

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Thanks! I am not able to post somewhere else... I do not even have time for steemit.

What an interesting artwork! It is quite beautiful!

Thank you!