Exotic cinematography w/ @vintagevandalizm while testing the Nikon D750!

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Hey, Steemit! The night is winding down. Still spending time with @bonni here in Minneapolis during her visit with me, @vermillionfox and @guthrie. I’ve been under crushing stress the last week. “Dark Pinup” is in the final lap and truthfully, that’s all I want to be working on. I’ve been in over my head with commitments, hosting family and even some grassroots activism […of sorts]. It’s all good things, just not enough time in the day to address everything. I did have a chance to share a lunch with a close friend and @lovejoy this afternoon. Always a highlight of the week to share a chai tea with wise crypto-friends.

Tonight, I wanted to share some footage from a shoot I did in April of 2015. My dear friend @vintagevandalizm and I met just before Viva Las Vegas. We ventured in to a remote conservation park outside of the city and brought several looks for our semi-annual photo collaboration. We wanted this to be special, and she planned each concept with painstaking attention to detail. I was invested heavily in this particular shoot because it would be one of the first with my new […and still current], Nikon D750.

In addition to learning the photography and still capabilities, I wanted to take it for a spin shooting video. My previous Nikon D7000 was an older, pro-sumer model that shot short five minute clips at 720p. Having a ten minute, full frame sensor that could shoot full 1080p was an exciting prospect […sort of laughing now that my iPhone easily rolls through 60fps 4K but that’s another story]. @vintagevandalizm and I found a haunting, dead field with tens of thousands of uniform bamboo-esk shoots and filmed a few minutes of captivating footage in Agent Provocateur lingerie and an awesome raincoat of the same brand […she has the coolest shit to shoot in].

In addition to the video, the entire shoot was a success. I remember us eagerly crowding around the camera and watching footage, then paging through photos on the rear LCD, locking our favorites. I feel like all my collaborations with @vintagevandalizm are my favorites, but this was definitely in the upper echelon of memorable shoots!

Thanks for reading, watching and sharing! I post daily, so for more photography, video, art and the stories behind the work, follow me here @kommienezuspadt!

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Great model, as always, and most excellent photography as well!

Thanks for sharing, once more, namaste :)

Wow that's one stunning model. You can't beat that D750 too. I remember the first time trying it out, myself and @contra had our jaws on the floor looking at how much detail could be pulled from the shadows. Love the video too dude, those kind of clips really compliment a shoot. I should remember to shoot them more often.


Yeah I remember the first time I loaded a D750 RAW file, having only worked on Canon images up until that point. Major eye opener. HUGE dynamic range compared to what I was used to.


Haha I remember your reaction was "Its almost like CGI, this cant be real". Its that good!

this is excellent!! =D Would you mind If I made a study of one of your photographs? here is an example.. I have lots more. but please let me know! I love that last one and she would make a great study :) 10.jpg

well art photography and history ,,,,,, keep it up

excellent share artwork, great model photography

Wow, beautiful picture and also she is a beautiful girl :)

What a nice shoot you deed here. I just appreciate the costume of the lady and the background. Nice work keep it up. I think I will like to follow you to see more photos and to no the stories behind the work because I am also a photographer in my hometown. Thanks for sharing this.

one of the best photos I have seen, I like how the plants in front did not mess up the focus

Amazing! I am coming on your wall, well done and bwst shot dude. You have Beautiful photos are nice views, while good photos that fit the target. In my opinion, it takes a "Wow Effect" to make our work memorable. "Wow effect is needed to make a good photo more talk. Good job and well done. You've presented a photo representing both of them. An amazing photo result. Don't to visit my blog for my latest post

First i have congratulate the make-up artist and the dress custom. Its really amazing and the location which really brought out the beauty. And sure the camera capture is really amazing .and sure the pixels is really at the upper end great resolution. Do this more often i really want to see much more. Thanks for the pictures and video..

Thank you for sharing your artwork photography well, thank you for sharing your beautiful post with you

the video is very good do not forget to check my video

Rad makeup too!

its like mixing cultures , like your photography


Yet another @kommienezuspadt shot for my "inspiring images" folder. Absolutely stunning. D750 doing its thing too. Love that camera!

Jazmin is beautiful and has a wonderful personality! This shoot is totally her, lovely! Hugs and a happy Saturday to you and your fam friend!

Great post and photos!!! Thanks for sharing

Fan-fuckin-tastic as usual

Me encanta tu trabajo, la modelo es increíble, los colores son muy interesantes y la música acompaña muy bien. Excelente trabajo como siempre.

Love the make up. Nice work on the short video.