I'm back after 2 YEARS! + [FAN ART] Berlin from La Casa de Papel

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Hi Steemit! It's so good to be back on writing again, sharing and creating content on this platform. I have not been able to create posts for the last two years because I'm a very lazy person and I also haven't been doing artworks anymore, not until last week. Although I am currenty taking up an art course, I was always very unproductive. Just few weeks ago, I started doing art again and it was so fulfilling to me. Aside from drawing, I also missed writing for it. It was two years ago since I discovered my passion for writing art blogs when I first did it on this platform. For me, it wasn't technically blogging but it felt relieving to lift out ideas and thoughts from my head and put it somewhere else.

Now, I dont care anymore if anyone ever reads what I write - if there's any. All I'm aiming for is to share my thoughts and let them all out from my head just as I would tell myself stories and daydreams.

Anyway, here's a drawing I made after not doing art for a long while:

Colored Pencil Drawing on Kraft Paper

I'm a huge fan of La Case de Papel (Money Heist) a crime drama series which is now on netflix. One of my favorite character on the show is Berlin, that's why I decided to draw him.

Work in progress:

Final Artwork

You can follow me on my social media accounts: Facebook and Instagram

Thank you for reading!
I will post more creative content soon so if you'd like, you can follow me to get updated.
Have a great day everyone!


Great series and Berlin is the best character...

Amazing dude, really well done. Love the green undertones you added on the skin, really give it a nice sense of realism!

Oh you noticed :) thanks

Wow... this work is very good... I go shwre it on my pages. Cool work. 👀👌😋😋😋 I hope you also frame it soon.

Thank you for appreciating my work :)

Npr 😋👌 just not stop what you do, it is very strong work what you do. You get lot back soon, just give it some time to reach to people.

Hey #knthalo,
really awesome work.


That's pretty incredible @knthalo! Impressive ability you have there.. Welcome back!

Hi knthalo,

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hello dear @knthalo, your post is very nice !! this portrait is so realistic that it looks like a photo, I love seeing the intermediate steps of creation;)) welcome back to free your ideas on the platform !! congratulations on your work and the curie vote

Thank you so much @road2horizon :)

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Thank you so much @art-venture

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