Heads on the line...

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In the past few weeks I've gone back to charcoal and done some head studies.

I don't like charcoal. It's too messy. But it forces me to approach drawing more like painting. And that will help me improve my gouache & watercolor experiments :)

These are all from photo references, from Watts Atelier.





Beautiful artworks! If you don't mind, I suggest you to post on ntopaz website (best with some pictures of progress). Check this page out: @ntopaz. They support artists. Also post on discord channels especially art-related. If you have not used it, I will share the links to you.

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Such expressive lines, almost can feel the movement of the pencil. Amazing work

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Thank you! :)

🎉 Congratulations @klaut! 👏, your amazing Artwork has been selected to be featured in my curation post.

I also sponsored you with 6 @steembasicincome shares :)

Those are really awesome portraits!!!

Wow, thank you SO MUCH @melooo182 :)

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