Drawing Doodle Doodledayeo! Round 8 - "I Wonder Where That Diamond Is?"

in art •  last year

Batman has lost the diamond that opens his wardrobe...little does he knows that the little murky squid has nabbed it last night while he was asleep...

Now Batman can't wear his favorite pajamas!...

Here he is all thoughtful ...

New Doc 2017-12-01_3_Fotor.jpg

...while the little criminal derides him...

New Doc 2017-12-01_1.jpg
New Doc 2017-12-01_2.jpg
New Doc 2017-12-01_3_F.jpg
New Doc 2017-12-01_4.jpg
New Doc 2017-12-01_5.jpg
New Doc 2017-12-01_6.jpg

A little animation for fun


For more visit @opheliafu and get your doodle "daradaaadadadadeeooooo" on :D

Thanks for watching!

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What a devious squid! And what a diva Batman is for having a wardrobe that opens with a diamond - well Bruce Wayne is a bit of a posh geezer!
Thank you for more cool dooling this week @kingyus :D


I didn't know what to do so I spoiled him a little .*/)
Thank you @opheliafu :])

Great post! I would appreciate if you could check out my profile, I am new to Steemit :) PS. You have my follow and upvote ;)

good work!
keep going! :)


Wow I love Japan for their creations...
a samurai batman...wow, looking forward for this...
arigato? :P

Very clever use of subtle animation! Such a lovely trick that adds life to the comic style. I dig it.


hey, I dig you! :P thanks!! :)