Changing Covers & Moving On

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Without realizing, I have been doing this cover for my Facebook account for the following 3 years and still counting. Decided to remove the year count and change it annually. The background has changed from flowery scene to a mountainous scene. There is actually some meaning behind. During the start of 2019, I thought it will be a lot more better as I get a hold on my new role. However, it turned out to be a big turning point of mine to move away from my conventional architectural practice and make way into agritecture, a hybrid of agriculture and architecture practice that focuses on urban farming solutions. Weirdly put it that this feeling had been following me since 2014 when I started to design a facility that serves MARDI as a research and development center, integrated with local herb market. So now, I am more or less on my own and thus putting me to a journey of hiking. The journey would be tiring but each step I take will mean one step forward and nearer to my goal. Thus, 2020 is a year to look forward to and I am deeply thankful to those who had inspired me and supported me all along.

Then, the constant of the cover are the quote and the logos.

The quote, which is actually from the movie Interstellar, directer by my favourite Christopher Nolan had inspired me a lot. By learning to love, albeit a human, a hobby, an animal, a plant, food and most importantly life will bring us to a state that could perceives and transcends space and time. In his movie, we could see and feel the love between father and daughter. That was what touched me and it had embeded deeply in me since then. Until now, I could vividly remember those scene and also the amazing scores by Hans Zimmer! Just pure epic.

Next, the logos are also the four constants that I will continuously work on. The first one is the logo of KIMIJI. This had finally realize in some way that @enjiliew and I had finally tied our knot to become husband and wife. Our next move is to establish our own business and use this brand to approach our audience. The next logo would be KIMZWARCH logo which focuses on my personal architectural and design career path. Personally, I love design especially on design thinking and also strategizing things to make it happen. Not that good in making something physically pretty though, need a lot more training, especially understanding in materials. Then, the third logo would be Green Advocate that focuses on agritecture and green lifestyle. This had partly realize as I had join an urban farming startup named Urban Farm Tech and partnering up with Association for Vertical Farming to work on archiving. Last but not least is the logo of Steem. I think Steem to me is an eye opener and a starting point for me to start invest. After joining Steem, I get to understand more on different investment tools and get a real hands on experience on it. Before Steem, I am very much conservative and less courage to try on any investment but now I am more open and willing to digging deep.

Now, I am really grateful for what I had been doing all along. I think it is great to envision myself as a great person. Then slowly, reverse engineer myself towards that person I want to be. I am amazed that the vision that I had since 2017 had slowly realized one step at a time and now I am nearer to what I had been thinking of 3 years back. Such artwork is truly meaningful to me as well and I will continue to work on that.

A illusion of flowery 2019 but it turned out to be very challenging and the flowery moment died of quite fast.

2018 was indeed a dazzling and bright year whereby I get to travel a lot (I think around 5 countries, which was a record break for me), get to know a lot of new friends, learned a lot from different field of people and getting some foundation work done.

A dreamy year of 2017 where I started to dream what I want to be since 2016. The movie Interstellar was screen back in 2014 but I did rewatch on 2015 and even 2016! This had make myself firm that I want to take this quote and make it as my mantra of life. The background of starry space is also a testament to myself that I am looking up, ready to go into the unknown adventure.

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