My First Art Giveaway!! Submit a Photo or Idea.

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Hello steemits, I would like to do my first art giveaway and I would like to do it here on steemit. To enter just simply comment a picture you would like drawn or a brief description of an idea you have for a drawing. Please do not submit pictures of drawings or paintings. I will do the commented image I like most. I will do this live for you all on and send the original drawing of the image or idea to the lucky submission winner via USPS, UPS or Fedex.

Here is some of my art.

Some art with markers and Photoshop.

Here is some paintings and a color pencil rendering.

And some tattoo work I have done.

This is all my own original artwork
Photos taken by KidDarko(me)

Contest ends and winner is chosen at the close of this post.

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Wow my partner @ausbitbank just showed me this, really love your work it's so beautiful and detailed.

I am actually writing a fantasy novel saga, here on steemit and I would love the chance to see some of my creatures and creations from this world come to life!

So I guess I'll jump in with the description:

The type of species is called a Dusty

They are humanoid in basic form.

Think the australian red desert colour and you have their hair, it's wild and unkept often swirling to a point on their heads it is shorter in men especially younger men for fighting, kind of like troll dolls from back in the day.

Their skin is the same reddish brown colour but toned down less dark than their hair.

The eyes are crucial, the pupils instead of being a black circle are sort of a curved black cross the coloured section of the eye is copper in colour with sort of metallic flecks scattered across them.

When dark my theory is the pupil opens up to be a massive black circle to allow as much light in as possible and the coloured section appears to glow when this happens adding additional light to aid in seeing.

These beings are not just people - they can become the dust/sand of the desert in which they inhabit - they swirl into and out of existence as if they were never there and can leave without a trace due to this fact but at times can appear just as that red dust and a set of glowing crossed eyes.

I don't want to hit you with a wall of text but I can elaborate on anything if you need more to go on, that is if you like my idea :) This is a hard thing to explain and this is a character I have only started to develop so i'm open to some suggestions too ;)


Fantastic <3


Congratulations! Not only did I feel this was the best idea personally, but clearly the public has spoken as well. I will sort out a schedule for this event and post it on my social networks. If you use feel free to message me for more details. Username: KidDarko this goes for anyone. Thanks for participating


Epic thankyou @kiddarko and everyone that voted on the comment :)
@krystle will lay an egg when she sees this!


Sorry mate I didn't get a notification I think because it was a one tier down response.

But just got home and @ausbitbank just told me.

Wow! I am so happy you chose mine (I was a little surprised at the votes when they came in too)but stoked people liked the idea :D

I can't wait to watch the stream!

O.o very nice art @kiddarko!
I like the puppy dog eyes of Jason Voorhees!

An artist impression of another Earth like planet would be fun to see


Oh I like that idea!

Cool idea @kiddarko! Looking through the photos I've shared on Steemit inspires me to request this.

But not exactly that. A cartoon scene of a fisherman casting his line into these low-hanging power lines and getting shocked real good. Like whole body electricity radiating out cartoon-like.

Here's a wider shot showing the towers for more reference.

A lot of awesome suggestions here in the comments, but if you find the extra time, @projectnewbie would definitely need a new logo/artwork related to the project that it can use in future posts.

A smaller one with more width to add at the end of comments would be appreciated too. Would be awesome with it being drawn/painted instead of shopped as it would give a more human feel/touch to the project in my opinion.

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