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in art •  10 months ago

rach ref.png

This is an image I produced by starting with an existing image of a female face. I then drew over it in Photoshop with my Wacom Cintiq. The only things I did very little changing on was the eyes and lips although they don't just like the original photo I used they still remain sharp and very realistic.

This image was inspired by H.R. Giger who is best known for the aliens in the Alien movie series and has recently passed away. This was drawn for a tattoo sleeve I am currently working on.

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nice work it's very creative! well done @kiddarko


Thank you :)

excellent friend photo, very good combination ..


Thanks. I have always had a problem drawing female faces and I find using references to be helpful with all my art.

Interesting artwork @kiddarko !... Maybe a good title for it could be "Her dark thoughts"... What do you think? :D


I like it :)

nice work kiddarko...i spend some time trying to understand the different patterns which you combined together....nice work...i really anticipate to see more of your work...i'm upvoting this