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Yea baby, love Fallout 4, big fan!

Spent hours and hours on this game. Beat it 3 times. Think I enjoyed fighting with The Railroad the most. It felt good to help out the synths for some reason.

Sick painting skills too. Gave you a follow/upvote. Cheers!


Thanks so much! Is the video loading for you? I can't get it to load on my end


WAIT, nm it's working!!!

Very great piece of art, thank you for sharing the workshop :)

Hello @kiddarko! It would be hard to paint on that curvy surface... Upvote for the effort and for the nice style on the drawing! Thanks for the inspiration artistic colleague :D

great work! am going to follow you on your chain



Thanks. I appreciate it a lot

this passion for details - love it <3

do you know that you can earn refereum while streaming? i would
appreciate if u check my link out for more infos :)

Favorite gaming series. Sculpt a Stimpack?


It's a possibilty for sure, I was hoping to nab up a 3d printer for cosplaying