Daily Doodles EP #3 | Painting Gina

in #art4 years ago (edited)

Todays episode is a tribute to the wonderful @ginabot!
I remember setting the intention of making my daily doodles shorter...
see what happened. Enjoy the process!

Thank you for the inspiring input @claraminds!

Much Love,

▶️ DTube

Nice fanart. Got the link from Discord! I just signed up too, really helpful to understand how all this works! Keep up the good art.

Hey @trinumedia, welcome! I see you're working with Softimage, that's amazing I used it for a very long time and now swiched back to blender. I'd recommend you to do a #introduceyourself post. It's a wonderful tool to connect with people and engage with the community! Here's mine.
much love,

Hah, well how about that! I love Softimage. Still very powerful. I am using Blender more these days, in fact more with a fork called Bforartists, which I love. So much nicer concerning UI design. And good idea on the introduction. I did a quick one, but it wasn't amazing - maybe I'll do another. And great content on your intro. Thanks again for sharing - pretty cool stuff.

Gina is just so sexy :D Only sometimes she talks too much :D

Very nice doodle :)

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