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Hello, Steemians!

I'm beyond grateful for all the nights and day's that I spent the last month to get a deeper understanding of the crypto-cosmos to end up discovering this amazing platform. I'm fascinated by the density of real people in this community and I'm already 100% convinced that this is going to be a long-term relationship. I'm currently working on a Blockchain based Art Project and can't really put into words how excited I am to connect, exchange and get more fellow artists in touch with Steemit and the whole tech behind it. I even had the pleasure to introduce this platform to my wonderful partner @claraminds. If you mind good content, you will definitely love her work! Now, let me start with a piece I made in 2016 as it really resonates with the Idea of planting a seed with my first article.

Image of Theseed

The Cosmic Reforestation, Digital Painting 2016

Who am I

Oh, right... who am I. My Passport say's: Kemane Ba.
I love stories and I love words! However, I'm more eloquent on the canvas.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 3.45.12 AM.png

The Birth of a CG-Artist:
"I was young and ambitious"

After spending literally every day with drawing & painting since I was 3 years old, I transitioned into the digital realm as soon as I got hold of a computer. well, It took me another 12 years to get hold of a used one.

"you can buy that with your own money" - Mom

Yes, I had the privilege (it took me a while to recognize it as such) to be raised by a strict "anti-console, anti-GameBoy, anti-computer mom". And yes, the thirst, the craving I had to explore that realm grew ad infinitum until my very first workstation finally arrived at the age of 15. Pretty much at exactly the moment of powering on the computer, I became a fully devoted CG artist. Right after high school, I ended up Working as a character-designer & animator. And as there's always a beginning when things end: After three years of being an employee, I decided to freelance for the rest of my life. It was the best decision ever, and somehow that similar feeling arises now as I become aware of this outstanding platform.

my dusty showreel

After being somehow exhausted of the professional life, and of the hard, computer-bound work that goes along with it, I got a full taste of the slingshot effect and bounced back into my Artistic side. To then realize that no matter how hard I try to do art only: It is all made possible by my past experience and based on the technique I acquired little by little. I accepted that no matter what side I'm devoted to, whether its the technical, or the artistical side: I have to find balance.

vehicle design, Digital Painting 2016

It might sound silly, but it took me four years of heavily oscillating between those polarities to verbalize it in a way that resonates with this balance.

Art needs technique to be realized
technique needs art to be utilized

It now became my mantra to point out if I'm going into one of the extremes and I hope it can save you some time and energy too! I'm really looking forward to sharing more stories of my personal development here on Steemit and hope to inspire, connect and co-create with the community.

The River Series 2016

Yes! I'm on d.tube

If I could arouse some of your curiosity, you should have a glimpse at my Dtube channel as I just Uploaded my very first Dtube exclusive in which you can see me from almost every angle. I will upload new sketches daily and include random topics provided by my viewers. Of course, I chose the most upvoted comments!

I hope this gives you a little overview of that guy I call Kemane. Thank you for stopping by, I'm still blown away by the possibilities unfolding on this site and have much to learn.

Much Love,


If you made it till here and want to explore more of my work I provide you with some links right here. Hopefully, we'll soon have decentralized alternatives of those platforms too:

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kemaneba

Artstation https://www.artstation.com/kemanski

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/kemaneba

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Sweet... Looks good,
many thanks!

much love,

Great and brief introduction, I already upvoted this post hope it helps. Welcome to this awesome platform I wish you all the best and looking forward to seeing your next blog. =)

Hey @purepinay, that's awesome, I stumbled on your little India post yesterday. Thank you so much! I'm amazed at how high the level of interaction is on this platform. Plus you're a really good example of how to post awake and aware in every situation and putting love in every detail. beautiful!
I just started following you!

much love,

Hey man... cool work! I really like the river series and also cosmic reforestation. I hope you stick around here so we can see more of your work! I'm also new... feel free to check out my introduction post when you have a chance!

Hey Kevin,
great to see that you're also just starting with a great motivation.
I followed you! I'm curious to see new posts about how your yo travels go!

much love,

Greetings from México

Hola Saulos,
Mucho gusto,

much love,

Welcome to DtubeDaily, awesome artwork!

Hey @maneki-neko! Just watched your 30min long steemit orientation. amazing! Many thanks for that.

I found you via your comment to @neeqi
Now I think I'm going to be reading your entire page today :)

Peace ✌🏿

Happy to hear that @adetorrent!

much love,

Welcome! Im so happy to see so many artists and creative beings embracing this platform. We truly have the opportunity to merge our interests in technology, creativity, connectivity and economics here! Its a unique space. All the best. @benleemusic

Amazing. Just checked out your profile and love how involved you are! Thanks for the warm welcome.

much love,

Hi Kemane, welcome to Steemit! It's wonderful that both you and your wife had joined :)
I'm sure you will both do great here!
All the best,

Many thanks @shlomit! just followed you, really like your way of expressing!

much love,

Oh, thank you very much, I'm happy to hear that ^_^

I like your "The self portrait"

Esta chido