My drawing process: Slothicorn

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This post is a bonus to my previous post. I want to share with you few words about my drawing process.

Well, my drawing process in Illustrator is rather simple. I have 3 layers - one for a sketch (bottom layer), one for colors and one for contour lines (top one).


For a long time I was doodling in the flow without any sketches, but since I started working on commissions this sketching thing helped me a lot. It can be loose, goofy and crazy, I don't care how it looks and I feel free with brainstorming graphical ideas. Also for some reason sketching reduces overall time I spend on the drawing and gives a lot of stability in the process :) At least it gives confidence that I'll finish a drawing and I'll do it in time.


Almost all my drawings are made with black contour. I just put lines in the layer above the sketch and hide the sketch layer after I done. I work with a brush tool (B) using pressure sensitivity of my tablet.


Coloring goes under the ink layer. I just make some shapes with a pencil tool (N) and color them. The little trick I use there is using transparent black and white shapes for a dark and light spots. Because of this trick I can recolor whole slothicorn with shadows and stuff just by changing one shape's color - wool color:

And here is a version with a pink slothicorn I made for @kubbyelizabeth :)

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thanks for sharing the process, I love that the rainbow is shooting out of the log he is hanging on.
and slothicorn needs to be on a tshirt!

seriously :O wow creativity have in this picture

what an amazing art!!

wonderful art,

What a major transformation wow :D

Aww man the pink one is just sooo cute!! Of course, I love pink and purple :)

it's too good..

Thanks for share your post.

Great job. @keepdoodling

Wow amazing the final illustration looks so great . It looks so vibrant. <3

Wowww amazing draw

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