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This poor creature was finished yesterday when I was tired of going through my website... @ocrdu made me aware of the fact that I still had a Patreon button on my Phill from GCHQ website even though I cancelled my Patreon profile. When I began to fix it I realised that I'd better make a lot of fixes. I have to update the ways people can donate and I have to separate code and content to make it easier to maintain.

But here is Birch Man. Last Night's procrastination.


Birchman..... just intime for allergy season..... I hate him allready. He should go marry Daphne and move to Iceland.

Love 'im. Can't believe nobody's made a "got wood" joke yet.

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Behold! The Procastination man...ah yes, he has visited me often, lurking in and spiking my coffee with 'I'll do that tomorrow' juice... :) I thought about pateron sometimes but never really figured how I'd use it? Why did you leave it @katharsisdrill ?

About Patr4eon it was a combination of not having that many people supporting me and their plans to increase their own percentage. It made it pretty unattractive and even though they changed their price policy due to protest I preferred to just use the open-source and free system Liberapay.

working on websites - I know what that is like. I maintain several, and usually the last one I update is my own. Is Patreon no good? Someone talked me into it, but I only registered, did nothing with it so far. Got no time to check it out.
Birchman - must be the little brother of Treebeard - Fangorn. Anyways, another woody.

As long as they work you will prefer to keep hands of a website...

Patreon is good if you have many followers, but not that good if you only have a few - I preferred Liberapay - a free, open-source alternative. I am not receiving much monthly due to a problem with their peyment processor, Mangopay, this summer - I lost supporters on that. But I have had about 400€ direct support through the site, so it is a fine alternative for me.

As long as they work you will prefer to keep hands of a website...

The ko-fi button has no text in the title attribute. I do so hope you don't know what that means.

It is not enough to fix the code... it has to be moved to the server also. I'll have to put in another day of work in the nether regions of hell.

Or let somebody else do it.

BTW I have a simple example donation page somewhere, with PayPal, cryptos, and bank account on it, and "click to copy address to clipboard", and stuff. You can steal mark-up and code from it if you ever need it.

The code is pretty simple and the site works, but as I have another comic I have made with some friends I considered cleaning up the code to make the site as generic as possible. I have considered putting it on Github under GPL or something similar.

Well, if you want to steal some code, look here:

It's a page I quickly slapped together as an example for somebody, using my own addresses; don't forget to change the addresses if you use this.

I mean, do forget to change the addresses if you use this 😎.

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Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

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