🎨 Marseille Graffiti! 🎨

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Marseille is the second biggest city in France. This urban city is has a lot to offer. We discovered a couple streets in Marseille filled with graffiti. I loved looking at the walls to see all of the beautiful artwork.

Here are a couple of favorite street art pieces.

I really enjoyed the realism and color on the mural. The black and white contrast of the man really makes him stand out in front of the colored background.

When I saw this mural, I just went "awww." This is such a sweet mural!
This owl took up more than half a wall. I really enjoyed how they used black lines to create and enhance their art piece.

I love how the artist made this buildings animated and alive! Their faces really give them personality.


Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite graffiti art!

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Wow! Really amazing street artworks 😍

Whoa, nice finds! Yeah, #streetart collections like this one are my favorite ways to view art. It's typically super big, intentional, edgy... You're right about the one curvy building having an animated feeling. So cool.

Add my awww to yours. That mural is really amazing :)

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