🎨 Paper boats drawing

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In previous posts I painted watercolor boats, and several days ago I thought about trying out how they would look like pencil drawings.
Also idea was to make some other approach and try out something ''new''.
Paper boats are something sure remind many of us on childhood.
Who hasn't made at least one as a child?

IMG_20190412_073304_5_2 (1).jpg

So, boats got their paper shape but also those dots appeared, not sure where they came from :)
But when I started drawing them, I couldn't stop.

1 (1).jpg

IMG_20190412_073243_3_2 (1).jpg

Who knows what comes next :) Not sure myself, all I know I love to play and discover some new staff, even when making those little boats.

Thank you for watching guys, see you soon!

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Paper boats remind me of my childhood also 😊

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paper boats remind me of It, and i feel it is a bit strange 😀

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I know that you are focusing on watercolours, but I really like it as well when you show us your ink works at the last Inktober and now your pencils :D. They are all gorgeous and exciting!

You drew those paper boats really well, and both the idea and execution of the artworks are nicely done. I find them whimsical and romantic, which is great imo ^_^.


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paperboat love ❤
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