🎨 Mediterranean Scent

in art •  18 days ago

Looks like spring is coming and with it all that warm scents are dancing in the air.
This one was made this winter. Somehow I got carried away with thinking of warm weather and my constant missing the Mediterranean I grow up.

Stone walls and large sky over sea, those darken skin of woman living under that warm sun is something I tried to paint here.


Off course my love for patterns had to be represented here also, so I added her some details on dress. Just to give a touch with some delicate symbols.

IMG_3531fb (1).jpg

Hope spring is coming to you too.
See you soon and thank you for watching and support!



Saatchi art

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I really like how you painted her skin, so rich and shining and full with nuances. You have great control and understanding about water colour, and also this beautiful lady, her serene expression and her gown that turn into something rather surrealistic, framed with an idyllic and dreamy background around her.
Really really nice :).


@scrawly, it amazes me how well and detailed you see every work I made. Even I wouldn't be able to explain it like you do :)
Thank you so much!


For better or worse, I have observational eyes. They're good for playing games that involve a lot of pixel hunting but there are many disadvantages also with paying attention too much about little details.
Your welcome, I've always found your art to be a delight to see everytime you post :).

What so good work!!

Such a beautiful and dreamy artwork 😊 Spring is here, today is a very warm day😊😊

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Such delicate face traits...
I misd sea blue by the way

Another wonderful and beautiful lady, @jungwatercolor . I didn't know you grew up in the Med, how different it must be for you now. I'm not loving the Winter this year, but we can keep dreaming of Spring, it shall return...eventually.

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