🎨 Continuing with ink nudes

in art •  17 days ago

Hi guys,

here is another one, but it's not second :)
This one was first painted.
As the one from the previous day drawing with pencil came first.
In this kind of subject is hard to avoid it if you want things to be realistic.

I used Chinese ink, it's strong and it allows to be watered down.
Paper is 300gr Fabriano for mixed media.
Interesting things happens when you go with pure ink on already wet surface.
It's a kind of magic that need to be controlled since it can easily get out of control.


Thank you for watching and support!

Saatchi art


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What a lovely painting. All of your painting retain that graceful ethereal look, which make all of them very beautiful in my eyes.
Very nice blotches, I like that you're putting value and shading using them. Nicely executed and artistic as well :).

Wow!!! Amazing picture!!


Thank you so much!

That looks amazing! Such a unique painting method.


Excellent, I really liked it. Not often I have to see something like that. The magic of your ink is something new to me. Cool!


Ink is great tool, needs practise but it's worth it. Thank you!

this is very good. Amazing indeed. At first glance it looked like watercolor, then I read it's Chinese ink!. Thanks for sharing.

Ink is one of those things I've never tried, your artwork looks amazing, definitely is really inspiring.

It's been a while since my last time on steemit and seen that talented people like you stayed around is awesome.