ART EXPLOSION WEEK 43: Theme MYTHOLOGY/ Now 50 SBD in prizes!

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Here we are again folks, ART EXPLOSION, THIS IS WEEK 43! The theme this week is MYTHOLOGY! It can be about existing mythology, or invent your own, be creative and surprise us!

Once again we have a special sponsor and guest judge: @vachemorte and new sponsor @curie! The total prize pool this round is 50 SBD!

Please note that once again the duration to submit will be two weeks so take your time and make something great! Many people are still submitting late even with the two week deadline, it's a Saturday please take note of this!

The Rules

  • Upvoting and Resteeming this post is appreciated but not mandatory, DON'T WORRY ABOUT THIS :)
  • Make some art (one entry per person and please new art only)
  • Make a post of your own for your entry (add artexplosion in the tags)
  • In your post describe your medium/process a bit, and show a few process images
  • Please note that we are no longer accepting writing/poetry
  • Link it here in the comments obviously so I can find it.
  • All entries must be submitted before Saturday July 21rd at 3PM EST.

We'll be choosing the winners based on whatever tickles and touches us the most!

This is not a requirement but it would be a nice gesture to view the other entries and upvote them if you like so we can support each other and pass this on to any artists or friends you think may be interested :)

I can't wait to see what you create!

See the winners of the previous week HERE

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Thank you for joining again tanjir!

You're most welcome.

Beautiful painting, good luck!

Thank you @stef1

woah, thats fantastic

Thanks @yardne

Nice motion reflected in your drawing and good luck with contest!

Thank you thank you very much

Thank you for the entry!

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I love how you created 3d version of unicorn. Beautifully applied colours too. Good luck with contest!


Very cool dude, looks like a lamp

Its a hunter's trophy.
The animal,s head that is hanging on there house wall.

cool very unusual but very nice

Thanks :) just wanted to be unique :)

Looks very interesting thank you :)

Thanks for the entry cryplectibles!

beatifull drawing andreasalas<3

wooo cool draw <3

Thank you andreas!

very pro you gods egyptian

goob job @jesusmedit is wonderfull the mythology egyptian

Thanks for the entry jesus :)

@juliakponford <3 x 1000

Scary this one!!! Thanks

These topics are very interesting, I liked it a lot and I decided to participate. Here is my entry:

Looks great thank you :)

I know Im well beyond late but since i made this...
I take ages to absorb a topic.. and then to make a work..
another age.. it's almost mythological..

Your not late the deadline is this saturday, you're early!!!

Siempre sorprendiendo con los mejores temas
Y en respuesta a este concurso y siempre apoyando a artexplosion mi entrada

Awesome thank you for joining!

Great thanks for joining!

I appreciate the entry, thanks!

Looks great claucor!

Gracias julia. :)

Good drawing, very lekker ( nice)

Thank you very much

Thanks, don't forget to leave a link to the post next time:

I'm sorry, I forgot, it's fixed, thanks for placing it, I hope you liked it.

Thanks for the entry, I suggest leaving a steemit link next time it will be easier for people to look and vote you :)

Hey @juliakponsford this is my entry!


Nidhogg and Ratatoks

Cool thanks kenny :D

Looks cool thanks!

hello, I'd like to participate too
please consider my entry The Old Ferryman

Very nice thank you :)

thank you for your contest ;)

Very good work n.n I love it n.n is wonderful n.n Good luck

thanks :)
I hope it is not toooo creepy :D

Thanks for the entry!

Cool thanks :)

Thank you Nina!

Hi @juliakponsford, thank you for organising this Art Contest, here is my contribution:


I saw this yesterday while curating :) thank you for joining!

Thanks yumifer!

Great thank you so much for joining!


This comment was made from

Colourful as always :) Thanks!

Great one this, a lot of good art coming thru, well done

Thank you for joining the contest!

Interested to read about this myth :)

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Hehe thats one mean looking cyclops!

I actually only accept one entry per person in the rules, can you choose which one you want to enter please?

Thank you so much for joining!

The pleasure is mine😂😂

Thanks so much for joining!

First of all I would like to thank @ juliakponsford and his excellent jury @vachemorte and new sponsor @curie!.I introduce you to the Goddess of Mayan mythology Ixchel, she was the Mayan goddess of the moon, of love, of gestation, of medicine and of textile works. in hieroglyphics her name appears as Chak Chel, which means "big rainbow".
I hope you like this work that I do with special affection, since this goddess represents the origin of life for the Latin peoples.
The technique used is pencil , coloured pencil and watercolour
A thousand blessings to all

ixchel finalpg.jpg

Wonderful thank you :D dont forget to link a post next time:

Thank you for joining!

Thanks to you it is a pleasure!

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Thanks for joining!

Thanks to u @juliakponsford

Awesome thanks for joining!

Hello @juliakponsford this is my entry
lososcuros (1 of 1).jpg <-----
Click here

Thanks dabird!

Here is my entry:


Here is the link:

I hope you guys like it :D this is the first time I'm participating in your contest. It was so much fun :) Goodluck to everyone!

Thanks for joining!

This is my entrey i hope you like it, thanks for the contest
Dragon Final.jpg

Love the colours, thanks for joining miller!

Amazing theme. I have so many ideas, let's see what I'll design! :)

Good! I like it :) Great

Thanks crazyartist!

So excited to join again in this contest! For sure, I'll be taking my time making my entry.

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Greetings @juliakponsford, thank you for organizing this contest every week !!!
This is my entry:por.jpg

Cool thanks for the entry!

Cool thanks kristy!

Thanks for joining!

late, late, late... but here it is :-D

20180719_132023271_iOS gedreht klein.jpg

I loooove your contest. It always encourages me to try out new techniques. First time I used modelling clay ( I thought I am to clumsy to make a sculpture, because last time in school, I was so bad at it) Now I am in love. I hope I can get some real clay and work with it. So thank youuuuu and I hope you are well (by the way, your music is super, but I am not so good at commenting right now, because I have so often problems with my head)

No you werent late you made it!!!! Thanks

I would love to participate only that time I have committed to other activities, however I try!

Help us, Gods of Time!

Oh my. You pick the most interesting themes <3.

Thanks for the entry!

Awesome thanks! The link was broken adding the correct link:

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Wonderful thanks for joining!

Thanks DK!

Thanks for joining!

Hi...the contest is for everyone??...

Yes of course, as long as you follow all the rules detailed in the post :D


Thank you for joining!

Thanks juan for the entry!

Very surreal, thanks!

This is my entry for the mythology theme ^_^

Thanks scrawly!

Thanks looks great!

Thank you 🤗

Very cool thanks :)

Thank you for joining!!!

Now i will be attentive! hahahha! I like this theme a lot!