A Trip Down Cosy Town Lane - Cartoon Greeting Cards Powered By Steem?

in #art8 years ago

Why I think I can hear the kettle boiling now.......down "Cosy Town Lane". Birds chirping in the back gardens, friendly neighbors whistling while walking down to the shop for undoubtedly a scrumptious tin or two of chocolate biscuits.

I had a very nice time working on this cartoon picture which I could potentially turn into an offline greeting card to fit a number of occasions. Would have been nice to put a kettle sound effect in it to greet the reader, that would have been very cosy indeed.

I'm sure someone has already thought of creating an online greeting card site powered by Steem?

This could be used to send SBD to family and friends and introduce them to the site

Anyway I appreciate you taking the time to for check out my cartoon picture

If you like this I have another cartoon illustration here - https://steemit.com/motivational/@jubilee/a-seagull-surveys-a-seaside-town


Read this as COSBY town lane and was thinking "Shit were gonna have to change that name" Great post though

Cheers, thanks for the positive feedback.

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