A Seagull Surveys a Seaside Town

in #motivational8 years ago (edited)

It all began in the early 90's when I started doodling on my math homework assignments. Although the teachers were always upset with me for drawing anything but numbers on my math homework sheets, my mother encouraged me to continue with my little pictures.

Years went by and as I started to grow into my beanie, my drawings started to improve until one day I decided to turn in my pencils for a 70 lb. desktop computer that looked like a bulky sewing machine with wires.

It was a bit different then drawing with my crayolas but as I got used to the perfection of pixels colorful cartoons started springing up all over the place.

Today I find myself drawing now and again for relaxation, as I love colorful cartoons and illustrations.

When I dont have my face buried in my laptop I enjoy traveling, a nice refreshing country walk and lots of hot chocolates.

The cartoon picture above was inspired by a little seaside town called Tenby in Wales, if you're interested you can read a little about that place here:


I'm motivated to share more of my cartoon drawings and illustrations on here on Steemit if anyone is interested, as I've seen lots of great photographers and artists sharing their portfolios on here.

Thanks for reading, cheerio for now

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