Funding Shades Of Men - Update #5

in art •  20 days ago


Hey there,

Just checking in to give you an update on my progress. I'm currently working through page 117. About half way in!
I spent lots of time on detailing the thumbnails which should speed up the drawing process from now on.
Here's the spread sheet of my progression below...


I'm behind on schedule as always but the important thing for me is to keep moving forward. No matter what. ;-)

I took a few snapshots along the way to try and capture the important steps of creating a page. I started with a loose thumbnail.


At this point, I like to add the text as well. I'm imagining the scene as I layout so the dialogue comes naturally. When I try to add it afterwards I struggle a bit I must say. Not sure why...

This also helps placing speech bubbles, which ultimately saves up some drawing time when you don't detail what's underneath.

Below is the detailed thumbnail. I took some extra time to complete this. But as I say that should help when I add the black lines. I would just be a matter of replicating the lines that feel right.


And cleaned up...
I played around with proportions on this last one so it was kind of a mess...


The white gutters will of course be adjusted to fit the character's head shape. Just waiting for the final draft.

Next up, a short video for some drawing in motion. Mostly presenting the page and adding tiny details.

I'll be back to it Asap now.
Thanks for following along.

See you on the other side,




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Hmm... I kinda like that spreadsheet. Is it just something you cooked up or do you use some kind of project management software/template? I’m thinking I should do the same... Great progress, and I love the behind the scenes look!


Hehe I got the spreadsheet from Michael Regina's blog, so no specific software... I know this will help as I get closer to the end. I use it the opposite way now... It helps me figure out the ending date of the project from my daily progress.


Thanks so much for the link! Already downloaded it and started roughly plugging in my info. It of course confirmed my fears... I’m way behind! 😑😑😑


I use custom spreadsheets I invent myself for anything. Keeping track of time and characters and much more.


Oh that's interesting! I simply wrote down chapter summaries... I wonder how it would look like. Hopefully my story wasn't too complex. Would have been a nightmare otherwise!


I wrote a post about it. I'll try to find it tomorrow.

So many great comic writers here on Steemit and it is So much work. I like your blocked out layout sketch.

I am all for studies and sketches before final work is done, as that is how I work for my fine and graphic pieces all the time :)


Thanks for the comment. I hope to finish the page tonight. I've been at it for a while now. So many people gathering in this damn hall! :-)

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