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RE: This Time I'll Write A Headline That Looks Like A Professional Wrote It So You Don't Think The Post Is Trash

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Thanks for pointing the plagiarizers out. There were a few more cats that I zeroed out rewards for. Let me know if you need reinforcements!

> "Folks attempting to bury their colleagues with paid votes don't stand a chance."

Love this characterization. Some would call it 'advertising'.

Great art as usual, It's a shame it has to compete with that POS lier!


That's not advertising. They made a huge mistake calling it that, but I think just needed an excuse for that behavior. The tribes have slots one can purchase. That's advertising. It doesn't push anyone else away. Now, hopefully people learn, they can throw their best post links into a post, and market themselves and their work, instead of turning their actual work into paid programming. Create an actual advertisement.

I agree with you there, it's a manipulation of the reward mechanism and deceptive. I'm not sure why the front ends don't offer a competing solution, maybe they are scared of all that concentred SP--yet another reason they should not exist.

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