Pixel Art Weekly! Theme Announcement! Win Steem!

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Welcome back to
Pixel Art Weekly!!

Before kicking off Round 17,
I'd like to once again congratulate
for his win of Round 16!
He has decided to donate his win to the prize for this week!
Super awesome!

So let's get to this week's theme!

The theme for Round 17 is...
Legendary Weapon

(via pixel joint.com)

(via pinterest.com)

What's your concept of a
Legendary Weapon?
Is it a sword, a gun, a bow, a mythological creature?
Let your imagination run wild.

(via pinterest.com)

(via pixelartmaker.com)

As always, the theme is interpretive...
so yes, even this is a legendary weapon...

(via flickr.com)

~The Rules~

Welcoming all artists to participate in
Pixel Art Weekly
where your pixel prowess can win you

~Pixel art is a form of digital art, created through the use of software, where images are edited on the pixel level.~

If you are unsure about what defines pixel art, please check out this link....

Contests will begin on Mondays, at which point the theme for the week will be revealed.
On Fridays I will post the top 3 and allow steemit users to vote for the final winner.
Winners will be announced on Sundays and will be rewarded half of all steem raised on that weeks posts.
To participate, contestants must put their entry in the comments below.
They must also upvote and resteem the post.
Tag any and all personal posts regarding your entry with #pixelartweekly
Bonus points will be awarded for animated gifs.
All entries must be original works of art.

Do you even steemit bro?


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This definitely made me excited, for my entry it's gotta be the Corrupted Ashbringer from World of Warcraft such an iconic and amazing sword i remember having it back when there was no wow expansions its been quite a while since i played, hope you enjoy!!
Skull Wireframspritee.gif



Did you draw this in game maker? :D


Base is drawn in photoshop with pencil brush for details, Animations done in Aseprite!
If theres any tips you'd like feel free to ask how or what on my page!


All my first pixel art was done in gamemaker.

Sword in the Stone



I didn't have much time this week so I used the Pixaki Starry Night example image as a model for this gif.

With the exception of the mound of grass, I wound up creating everything from scratch anyway :(

Final Submission - switching to the umbrella gif

Sword in stone.gif
Leaving the other images up for some laughs

Sword in stone (2).gif


Looks great!
As always, you have until I choose the final three on Friday to make any edits.


Not gonna lie... This should be the final entry.
Regardless you'll make the top 3 with this entry...but the umbrella is hands down the best of all if them...it's wonderfully done, utilizes a fantastic style and has the perfect amount of humor mixed in as well.
If I were to edit it at all... I'd let him get rained on for just a second longer before poppin the brella


I respect your judgement @jonny-clearwater and will make the switch. Umbrella in the stone = Final Submission.

It's just so random and unplanned that it never occurred to me to actually submit it :)




Hahaha totally love this one.


this one is great man .. love it.

cause you know ... why not :)


note: updated post, cause @exyle had the great Idea to make the pommel a bitcoin.


🤤Incredibly... great.

Most excellent theme again man. Looking forward to all the great entries this one will inspire !


Should be a good one. Hope I can find the time to participate.

Here is my funny(maybe) entry :

A tribal man with his weapon(trishul) :


I always play as either a mage or a witch in any video game I get a chance to! So I wanted to make a plant magic weapon. Swords are so over done :3c

+40% Elemental Damage



I was hoping someone would go elemental/natural


Elemental is my favorite.

It will be nobody surprise that I created a legendary sword from a game. A game to which I have sacrificed days, weeks, even months of my life - obviously more then I should had. World of Warcraft.

So I present to you Ashbringer
The legendary holy sword originally wielded by Alexandros Mograine, then corrupted by the betrayal of his son Renault and then later cleansed. Then it came into the possession of one of the most beloved paladins Tirion Fordring and is now available to be used in game by Retribution paladins as their artifact weapon.

100 % size

200 % size

Is this allowed : take some image from pixabay and convert it to pixels?


Of course not

Nice pixel-art @jonny-clearwater. Legendary weapon, great theme for contest and congratulations to @mynameisbrian for winning 16th round.

I've always wanted to learn how to do some pixelart. I would like to join on this to practice my pixelart :) uv an resteem!


You absolutely should


I want to steemit bro.