Threadless pixEOS Store with Chiappetta Art and More

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As a one of the pixEOS Featured Artists, along with many incredibly talented creators, my artwork is now available in the new pixEOS Store on Threadless at

It is called the My pixEOS - Wearable Art Shop. There you can order cutting edge art and comics that look great on t-shirts of various colors and styles, mugs, pillows, phone cases, stickers, and other cool merchandise. In this store can currently also be found unique, memorable, and stylish art from Fabi Yamada, Jeremy Nation, Ophelia, Reinhard Schmid, Ruben Alexander, Stellabelle, and Yusaymon. More artists and designs will surely be added as time goes forward. Yet already there is a numerous and diverse selection of crypto art related designs to be found in the shop.

Here is a direct link specifically to my designs there:
I do plan to add more of my art designs to this store in the near future. If you have a personal preference of what you'd like to see on a t-shirt, please let me know!

What exactly is pixEOS?
pixEOS is a an art and gaming ecosystem running on top of the EOS cryptocurrency network. Current innovative products include the following:

  • Online community pixel drawing game with cryptocurrency rewards
  • Blockchain avatar creator
  • Crypto-art merchandise store
  • Artist, collector, and entrepreneurial community
  • Art contests issuing cryptocurrency rewards

Additional pixEOS products coming soon to this ecosystem include the following:

  • Rare digital art marketplace
  • Art auction house
  • Freelance artist clearinghouse
  • Artist intellectual property marketplace
  • Collaborative digital art canvases

More exciting developments are also in the works too. Indeed, that is because the pixEOS team and community are a group worthy of much attention and respect. Their bold artistic vision as well as the real-world implementation of that vision is to be commended. Prepare to watch the boundaries of art expand to new frontiers, have some fun along the way, and be well dressed in pixEOS fashions for the occasion.

Joe Chiappetta


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