Silly Daddy Talks Cereal

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A favorite food item in our household would have to be Organic High Fiber O’s Cereal from Trader Joe’s store. It is a nice on-the-go snack, popular at breakfast especially for my wife @denisechips, and those little morsels are also fun to draw. I actually eat something different from this for breakfast. It is a unique trail mix recipe that we have been perfecting for at least a decade or more. It looks a bit like zoo food and it is very healthy. Perhaps some time I will post the exact ingredients.

Joe Chiappetta


Love my Joe's O's!

I clicked in this without thinking and then quickly realized it was a trick to my donut detection instincts. I still like I though. Really fun loopy characters. 😁

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Hah, that is hilarious: Donut detecting instincts! Yes they do look like that too!

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Yes it must be healthy 👌👍

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