Opportunities for Artists on the Blockchain

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With New Tech Comes New Opportunity; Entrepreneurial Artists and Collectors Take Note.

Over 3 decades ago, I began creating and publishing comic books. The most notable of these continues to be Silly Daddy Comics, which is celebrating over 25 years in existence. Within that fast-moving span of time, the Internet came into being, opening up a world of promise for creative people wanting the reach a wider audience. However, the concept of selling unique digital art items had not been fully realized for visual artists--until now.

In fact, a growing number of new economic opportunities have recently become more available to artists due to the advancement of blockchain technology. Yes, I am talking specifically about digital art that runs on top of that controversial and entirely virtual stuff called Bitcoin (as well as its crypto-offspring coins such as Ethereum, Counterparty, BitCrystals, and pixEOS). While this field is still in its infancy, money is starting to be made by an increasing number of creative people today.

That's not to say that everyone is making money hand over fist. Nor am I saying that this growing opportunity is a certain path to easy money. Nevertheless, it is an exciting field for business-minded creatives to take note of--at the very least. That's because art entrepreneurs are now starting to leverage their artwork to gain cryptocurrency and a wider market exposure. Each artist then chooses to either cash out right away or hold the cryptocurrency earned in the hope that its value will increase. Yet again, there are no guarantees in this (or any) field, as wealth is so uncertain.

I write about these art-on-the-blockchain opportunities in great detail in my updated crypto-art article for beginners. It is full of links, comics, and resources. It is simply called The Rise of Crypto-Art. I am certain, at the very least, it will give rise in your mind to how a new frontier is knocking on the doors of the entire arts and entertainment industry.

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