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Challenges - A Wonderful Way to Show Your Skills, Play and Interact

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Original art by @jnart

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Let me introduce you to the many flavors of the Steemit Art Community. There's a rich variety of challenges, contests and collaborations to pick from! There are many more experienced artists on Steemit that could write this list and it's maybe been written before, but this is my contribution to this lovely community and all the dedicated people hosting. I've tried many of the challenges the last months and hope you share the list with your friends to involve more people in the creative explosion happening at this moment. I'll give you a quick introduction - seek out each host for more information. And tell me if I've missed any major event, maybe in other languages than English.

List of reoccurring events (alphabetic order by type):

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(Reward is only one of many possible motivations to be active in the Steemit art community, as @everlove expressed the benefits of taking part of Steemit art collaborations: finding connections, learning each other's styles, melding our talents, sharing our passions, exchanging positively good feeling energy, upping our own abilities, showing gratitude and appreciation, inspiring others (and much more...). I have marked collaborations not including any competition, altcoin or SBD reward with a (&) symbol. Although reward is great motivation I think other values are more important if we're about to create a more collaborative world.)

Challenges/competitions/collaborations - Art, Drawing, Painting, Digital etc:

animedrawingchallenge - hosted by @htliao
artchallenge - hosted by @aksinya via @artquest-trail
art competition for art prompt writing contest - hosted by @gmuxx
artexplosion - hosted by @juliakponsford
art promotion contest - hosted by @sharonnicholas
artstyleart - hosted by @aksinya
collaborativeartjourney (&)- hosted by @everlove (create new art basted on a new theme each time)
colorchallenge (&)- hosted by @kalemandra (set color theme for each day of the week)
creativecomp - hosted by @sammosk (open for different types of art - interactive community judging)
drawingchallenge - hosted by @helene (different themes)
art contest - hosted by @marty-arts (different themes, monthly)
pixelartweekly - hosted by @jonny-clearwater (pixel art)
positivesunday - hosted by @poeticsnake (different themes - purpose to create positive vibes )
trialbycomics - hosted by @kommienezuspadt (comics theme)
steemgig (&?)- tag where many different hosts post contests or seek help with visuals
wildnstrange - hosted by @papa-pepper (weekly collaborative photo, art, meme, poetry, song-contest)

Paused competitions/challenges where you can check out wonderful artwork from the past:

drawwithafriend (ltdwf) - hosted by @tonyr (drawings with pencil)
sac - hosted by @paolobeneforti
tinyartchallenge - hosted by @oceansoul13 (really tiny art)

Exhibitions/collections of art/artists:

@juliakponsford writes wonderful posts about new artists she come across
ocd - hosted by @acidyo and other members of the ocd-team
sgoa - hosted by @sgoa

Individual competitions/challenges/collaborations:

There are lots of people needing a helping hand when it comes to visuals. Logos, art and different sorts of design. In the contest-tag or different art tags Steemians post new challenges daily. And there is a newer diminishing need for new logos, banners, wallpapers, footers and so on! :D (One place new challenges are posted is the Steemit Designers Facebook group)


bwphotocontest - hosted by @daveks (black and white photography)
steemitphotochallenge - hosted by @jamtaylor (photography on different themes)
portraitcontest - hosted by @jasonrussell (portrait)
steem-art: photo editing contest - hosted by @creativesoul (@artsygoddess)(photo editing)
mypictureday challenge - hosted by @timsaid (pictures from your day, open challenge)
monomad - hosted by @brumest (pictures in black and white or monochrome tones, different themes)
streetartchallenge - hosted by @spidersprog (photograph your area and local street art)

Other Steemit related art forums I've come across:

Steemmarket - - marketplace for Steemit art
Steemporium - - a place to purchase Steemit design, t-shirts etc.

(Steem-art)[] on Discord

You can also go through the Artists database @aksinya and others are building

On Facebook:

Steemit Designers
Steemit Artists
SteeMit Original ART
Steemit Visual Arts
Art Promotion Contest!

Hope you will enjoy many challenges, contests and collaborations in the future!
All the best! @jnart

And if you happen to be a Swede reading - check out this post - And help promoting Steem in Sweden - teamsweden !

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For more reading - Why I like Steemit so much!

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Steem ON!


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Hey, thanks for this! I just started using Steemit, and im an aspiring artist, so this really helps! One hing though....the discord link doesn't seem to be working...


You're welcome! I didn't see this comment in time to edit the post - but here it is
Correct Discord Channel Link - Steemit Art

Ohhhhh, too low on steem to reward this post, but I will resteem it as it is MAGNIFICENT!! We are an incredible group of artists in many ways--so many genres and abilities coming together--as well as the power of building community based on our passions!!! Win win win win win win!!!

Thanks for bringing all this information together for an easy and tangible reminder of all we have to offer each other. I'm already participating in many of them and see a few more I have yet to check out.

I appreciate your including the Collaborative Art Journey in this post. We are on a roll to an incredibly beyond-amazing repertoire of collaborations. Thanks for sharing the possibilities @jnart!!


It's so great, thanks for your comment!

Excellent resource, i resteemed :)


Thanks for support! Hopefully it can help someone to navigate :)

I like the steem forum this why I upvoted and resteemed :)

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I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...


Thanks for sharing @jnart! Its very useful


You're welcome! @errymil!

thank you for the list you can check out my work here


Thanks! nice art!

Amazing post! Just yesterday...I was searching for a list just like this one and here it is! So great...thank you. Almost missed our contest down at the bottom in photo's more digital art related than just photo. Keep them up and I will resteem often :)


Yeah, have thought about it for a while. Nice to hear that you like it! True that about the digital art - I might put them together with the others if I get more of this kind of feedback.

Awesome list! Resteeming.


Thanks a lot!


Thank you!

Very Good Post !! Thank you <3


Your welcome!

Thanks for the great list. This is such an eclectic community and I'm happy to be here. I really enjoy the MonoMad weekly contest by @brumest. There is some great talent there.


Ill add it! Thanks!

Very very nice post, thank you for sharing :)


You're welcome!

Wow, I had no idea there were so many!
What a great idea bringing them all together.

Could you please feature my #streetartchallenge ?
Now in its 3rd week.

It encourages people to explore their area and share the street art they find.


How could I miss this, I've seen it before. It's in place. Thanks for a really cool challenge idea!


I thanks for the exposure and featuring it. It's really appreciated

Thank you my friend


Welcome bro!

Great work! I already started to save some hyperlinks earlier, but this is just perfect! MANY THANKS! upvoted and resteemed!

FYI, I just started an initiative trying to stimulate creative people to take a little break, write down a positive quote and decorate it with some handmade art and publish under #HandmadeQuoteArt

The benefit will be triple!
-1. make a break / mini-meditation while writing and drawing (daily)
-2. spread positive vibes with the positive quotes
-3. share experience and learn from other creative people

Read here : ✴️ Handmade Quote Art [EN] : Presentation. Try it out and join! [BecomeTheArtist #1 🌷]


Sounds really nice, I add it later when it has built a little momentum :)

Is it too late to add to the list? I just started a new art contest and I'm looking for entries! 15 sbd up for grabs! Here's the link


Not to late. I've chosen not to include single contests. When I see that is repeated I'll add it. Thanks for the information!


will do. Thanks!

That's a great list!:D thank you very much for taking the time to make it n.n ...also please add my challenge n.ñ


Thanks for the information! I've decided not to add single events so I'll add yours the next time you run it. But I thinks there is a place for many manga challenges!


There are many Anime/Manga lovers around here, and very talented!!:D

thank you for this post, its good to see it together... I would be glad if you could add also my drawing contest :)


Thanks! I didn't know if your event would be repeated, but I think you should host one contest too and continue sharing your talent!


What should I call it?


I would like to repeat it once a month and you can name it just "art contest"... mostly paintings andr drawings, but also some crafts maybe :)


Cool! Done!

Great list. I found some new ones here. Will check them out. Thanks!



Wow! So many to choose from! Thanks for posting this. It's going to take me hours to check them all out. Upvoting and following



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Yay for us Swedes!! Only living it through ancestry, but still the connection is dear!

Awesome, just what I was looking for yesterday haha. Thanks!



excellent, thank you. (bows)


Your welcome!

thanks a lot, it's very usefull information! upvote abs resteem and follow you!
I invite you ti visit my blog, it's also about my art!


I'll check it out!

its very nice post



nice it really helps!!!

i just recently joined art contest host by @htliao

my next anime drawing is kaneki-ken :tokyo ghoul

i will hone my skills here in steemit and joined a contest

thank you sir @jnart for this info.

holy smackers! resteeming / peace (-:


Peace out!

What a great well-combined list. Very helpful for us newbies trying to work our way around the ropes. Resteeming.


Exactly my intention!

Awesome thanks ....I join them all


Yeah try ;) A full time job to participate in all in one week.

Thanks for sharing the Facebook "Steemit Artists" Group we are growing fast ...

Thank you on this post and info, checking everything :)


I'm glad you like it!

thanks, very useful! =)


You're welcome!

Upvoted & Rsd @jnart❤💯👍



Wow I keep loving steemit more and more thank you @unityeagle for sharing this with me I am going to share it on Twitter and Facebook to let my artist friends know about how supportive of the arts the steemit community is.


Yeah, it is something extra! Have a great day!

Cheers for all the info!