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To the Morning Coffee

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Original art by @jnart
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I drew some this morning and fruit wasn't a strange motive. My kitchen is filled with fruit my friend @reko bring home every day. I forgot to take any in progress pictures so I guess this doesn't qualify for the challenge, but I thought I share it anyway.

In this drawing I'm working on rendering edge. Marco Bucci express it perfectly in his tutorial I linked to below. Hard edge, soft edge and lost edge. If you look at my drawing you will see that I created hard edge by placing one area of almost no graphite next to one with lots of graphite. If you want a realistic look you should always do this because the nature does not contain any actual lines only contrast between areas. The same principle is applied in painting.

There is no lost edge in this drawing but you will find one in the apple painting linked to below - between the apple's shadow and cast shadow.

Hope you will have/had a great morning!



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Nice post i like it👍 @jnart


Follow me @jn

"nature does not contain any actual lines only contrast between areas"
Indeed, that is the trick! It takes a while to break the habit of making lines.

It does. But I really admire the art of making the correct lines. That kind of art is extremely readable and fast - like in some comics. I will put some effort into drawing simple flow lines and poses. It might be a shortcut to simplicity in my paintings. :)

Always good to start with a sketch in the day^^
Btw its a cool banner you have there👌

Thanks, made it yesterday, will make a post about it soon. I'll start to set a timer and sketch poses and facial expressions fast from tomorrow. I would like to go back and work on the foundations some more. A friend of mine, great at simple gesture and line work, game me that exercise.

A good post. Thank you for your sharing.


I've been trying to paint digitally and that video was really helpful!

Go ahead and see the others too, top of the line. The tricks are really for all painting.

I will! :)

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Well done @jnart! Already following you. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thank you :)

wow excellent post. my upvote and followed👍👍❤

Thank you!