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My WhaleTank Promo Art - Guardian of the Chain

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Original art by @jnart
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Some days ago I saw "Steemit Chronicles Mysterious Character " by @anritco. What a great chance to practice two things I have never done before, make a complete character design and render a digital fantasy painting in Photoshop. I am so thankful for this journey I made today, extraordinary fun! Thank you @anritco for the chance whatever happens in the competition. Link to the competition you find here.

I am a great fan of creating alternative ways of learning and inspiring. There is lots to learn about Blockchain and all the great platforms and tokens connected to Steemit. Even though I haven't had time to play Steemit Chronicles (yet) I am supporting the idea 100 percent. For me Steemit is a lot about sharing ideas and skipping some of our ego. Community and connection is needed on the internet and away from the keyboard. So let me introduce you to:

Guardian of the Chain

The competitions provided the following conditions: - Some kind of ethereal entity, but in our 3-Dimensional world - Humanoid - Should be a guide for us. Not with a dark spirit, but a spirit of joy and wisdom. - Must have a hood, no visible face

(I saw some of the other competitors guardians and tried not to duplicate them even though a staff and white cloak maybe resembles wisdom more, i.e. I tried add some new ideas. Another tricky one is how to make a joyful faceless ethereal entity ;)


The Guardian of Chain is the light you look into every time you turn on your computer screen. The light shining all over the great web. Travelling at the speed of light the Guardian of the Chain sees all and protects the chain from being broken. In every community there is rivalry and war but this entity has the Power to Link, connect tthe units together and ultimately if needed break them.


The Orbs of Eternal Connection are the most powerful force existing in this world - when used the right way. They can break anything, only your fantasy sets the limit.


They might look stiff, but look out, this is the Wings of Light giving the Guardian of the Chain the ability to travel at light speed. The wings may bend and take other forms but when stationary they rest on the back of their master.


You maybe wonder if Guardian of the Chain is a joyful entity, and of course! Would you meet the Guardian in daylight, warm nourishing light shines back at you. Dark down where you will need the Guardian you will meet the clear, bright, powerful light and wisdom that will lead you home to joy and away from all the horror.

The arrow in the sign on the chest is the symbol of peek connection. How "Two" lean to one another and create the "Bridge" we need for co-creation.


Design Process

Brainstorming ideas


Main sketch


Trying to solve the robe problem ;)


Photograph and add to Photoshop


Render black and white - Flowing my way through




Adding color with help of Photoshop blending


Playing around with the lighting


Adding the final touch



Thank you for watching!

My post on how to master flesh tones in watercolor! :)


See ya!


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Wow, very neat Guardian! Splendid piece of art you created! I love your technique and the story beneath is also great:) In my native city there is a monument, it seems the guy holding WIngs of Light as well
I followed you and upvoted, have a great weekend :)


A nice statue! Thanks for your support!

Wow! Great talent you got there! I like how you show and talk about the thought process and progress of the art work from start to finish. Are you planning on working for a game development company by any chance? Followed, Upvoted, Resteemed and Shared. Great content!


Thank you! I have actually just recently started to get into art wholeheartedly. Designing maybe would be something.

Wow, awesome art and thanks for the extensive view of the process

Really great artwork. You have deserved to win the 1st place!


Thank you! Yours was really nice to!

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