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The Story of Vidderna, the Swedish Ice Dragon by @jnart

The name of my pet-dragon is Vidderna which in Swedish means a vast area uninhibited by humans. I found her deep in the wilderness of Sarek in the north of Sweden. I was hiking by myself and came to a place where I had to cross an ice cold river. The river was too deep and the stream was too strong. I could not pass as the track back was too long and my cellphone without reception. Then Vidderna showed up like a small star of silver playing in the water. She must have seen my sorrow because there and then she showed me her way to safety. That day we became friends for life!

Now I am showing her Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city. She sat really still while I was painting. She is like me full of inspiration and depth as well as curious to try new things. She is 200 hundred years old and some day she will give birth to new dragons in Storsjön near Östersund where most of the Swedish dragons live.

Viddernas eyes are something special. It shows what you are longing for when you look into them. It showed me a safe place where I know for sure I can stay for a while, a small red cottage in the wilderness of Sweden...


My entry to the "Dragon Art Contest" with the Theme "Your Pet Dragon" by @kristyglas. This is my first attempt on a contest here at Steemit. Making this picture was great fun and it really unleashed my creativity!

You find link to the contest here:

Also credit to @apprentice001 who invited me, PETRANQUIL is really something ;)

I am sad I missed the tiny art challenge by @oceansoul13 so I made an after-the-competition-finished-tribute. But below you can see my first entry if it is still running! :)

Here below you can see pictures from the process:
dragon small.jpg






Thank you so much for watching & sharing! Have a great day!

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Wow, reading this story gave me chills. Truly excellent creative work @jnart! Looking forward to see what else you have in store for us! :)


This is just the beginning ;)


True, ain't seen nothin yet! Boom boom boom! :D

The voting has begun! If you are a fan of this entry go to : https://steemit.com/dragonartcontest/@kristyglas/dragon-art-contest-voting-week-pick-your-winner
To vote you just need to put the artist's name in the comments.
Good luck!


Thanks for your support!

I love how sincere and believable the story is.
The execution is perfect: the higlighted details and their contrast against the background.
The fingers are so realistic that they make the dragon even more believable.
I look forward to seeing more of your art!

Beautiful - love the cottage in the eye. Your story added a lot to your art. Thanks for sharing


Thank you! I like when the ideas come naturally. I was traveling yesterday and saw lots of red houses, then it came to me in the evening when I started the project.


Yes very creative.

Dammm... your dragon look real good, but thank you for replying on mines- best of luck !


Thank you so much!

Wow, cool dragon and concept!


Thank for your support!

Very cool creation Jnart !

Fantastic. Resteemed and upped.


Thank you so much!

Watercolor is not an easy medium.
You have fine-tuned skills!


Thank you, I am trying to improve. Watercolor take some planning and you need to know some trix, but then it is kind of easy.

nice work very talented!

I love her! Awesome.

I love how you can see the house in his eye :)
It is beautiful. Well done!

Wow! Awesome.



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That is fantastic. We love dragons at my house.


Nice! This was the first I've made on ages. Love them too

This is the dragon that should win this challenge :)


Thanks for your support @thetruthbomb, really inspires! Any ideas how to give it some exposure? ;)


I wish I knew-sorry buddy but if I find out I will tell you for sure.

BEST I've seen yet!


Thanks a lot!

Too damn cute and really great art

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