New Painting 2019

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Self-Portrait Of Self-Harm
Acrylic on canvas
Jaundré M. van Breda

As I mentioned in one of my former posts, I wanted to do a painting again. Here is something of an abstract portrait I painted using acrylics.

Mental health is a big issue that is still overlooked by those who do not suffer from mental illness. OCD and depression has shaped me into who I am today. Luckily I don't find any comfort in self-harm. I'd rather deal with my troubles through the creation of art.

Here is a look at the process:







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This is absolutely beautiful Jaundré. It still amazes me how you can express such emotion in your works, I really enjoy your paintings and love how there is always a message behind them. Thanks for sharing this 💕


Thank you so much, my friend.

I remember very clearly, that around 15 years ago society in the Easter Europe didn't consider depression as a strong and dangerous health problem, but more as a shameful crying of a weak personality. It is good that changing in the thinking of people is changing with the time and now it is taken more seriously.

And speaking about the painting, it is very interesting to watch the process of "changing" the original version into the "final" version. Seeing the whole process of growing up somehow deeply touched me. It is just brilliant and I do not even know how to describe it :) I just enjoy scrolling from the first to the last photo. I think that there is something nihilistic in me, but this is a completely different topic, for the different day. Today lets focus on you, your art and upvote received from me :) good job !


I am a nihilist myself. Anyway, thank you for the support and upvote. Much appreciated.

it is truly a shake of your hand that dances on canvas and makes it an extraordinary result


Thank you!

Hi jmvanbreda,

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sometimes is difficult to define art, but as a personal concept of it I think if you are able to capture the attention and allow people to get in touch with your work, even if they don't have any art education, in that case I would call it art, and your work it's a genuine art expression, maybe there's a lot that I miss but at the same time I feel and understand that is not only about what your eyes can see


Very true. Art is more about what you experience when looking at a picture or reading a poem. We share the same views.

I don't find any comfort in self-harm. I'd rather deal with my troubles through the creation of art.

Way to go! I salute you for having such a perspective and outlook in life because self-harm does not do anything good.

It is actually amazing how you can turn your troubles by expressing them into lovely pieces of artwork. You are a role model not just for people who have the same trouble as you do but for everyone in general to look at the positive side rather than drowning yourself with anxiety.

Keep drawing and inspiring!


Thank you for the great feedback. It's always appreciated.


You're welcome. 😊

As a someone who was deeply depressed most of my life, I can say that looking at you painting for the first time 'hits home' really well. I can't say how exactly, but your paintings really show the 'dark place' people sometimes find themselves in.

I am also really glad and happy that you can deal with your troubles throught art and not self-harm. Stay strong no matter what is troubling you! :)


Thank you! You should never give up on life. We're stronger than we think we are.

Beautifully done. I like that the painting conveys the image of self harm very well, especially looking at the step by step process, when you began with a normal face, but more and more it gets contorted and harmed. Very nice :D.
Congrats for your curie vote ^_^.


Thanks, Scrawly. I'm glad you like it.

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Wow, Juandre ! This is so powerful and so beautiful and so honest and so striking <3 All at once ! I love it !!!

Your creations speak so much volume on emotions and the soul!!!

Wonderful post <3


Thank you, Lise. And a happy new year to you!

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You found the perfect way to channel yourself. You are very good at art. It's good that you do works of art like this one. the process was nice to see how the face was changing until the final result. well done. happy New Year


Thank you very much, and a happy new year as well.

excelente trabajo artístico esta muy bueno