Dreams After The War (2019)

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Dreams After The War
Jaundré van Breda
Charcoal on paper

This is my entry in the artexplosion contest on the theme of Peace. What's more peaceful than a woman sleeping? What's more serene than a woman dreaming? Even observing someone asleep is calming to the observer.

This is a charcoal portrait done on A3 paper. The darkness surrounding the sleeping figure is the darkness of sleep itself. This is a straight forward concept which I hope you like for its simplicity.

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Nice image portrait @jmvanbreda.

There is some kind of sadness with the artwork you made. Maybe that explains the title because she somehow experienced something traumatic that even when she sleeps, it flashbacks on her dreams. I just can't imagine how terrible it would be.

I like how you depicted it my friend and somehow it sends a powerful message. Please continue to do amazing works and I am sure many will really love it. God bless you!

Hi jmvanbreda,

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hi @jmvanbreda
I really like your charcoal technique. we can see it very little, don't you think? The design is very beautiful. Is this your job or your passion?
congratulations and thanks for sharing


Hi there. Art is as much a passion as an income for me at this stage. Thank you for the comment.

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She looks like Monica Belucci a little, so beautiful~

I do think sleep is a great allusion to peacefulness :) What can be more peaceful than the ability to switch off for a few hours without worries??? :D

Congrats on curie, as well, Jaundre <3


I'm so glad I don't suffer from insomnia. I'll have to look up Monica. Not familiar with her. Thank you, Lise.

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Wooaw, such an awesome artwork you have in there. Great skills displayed in there. I really love how you treated the whole work of art.

Charcoal work to be treated that way really requires a great skill. You showing the various steps in which you used to achieve that is such a great move. awesome work and keep the artist spirit up always

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Thanks. I'm glad you like it.

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You are humbly welcome

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