Cetacean Drawing Contest: Dolphin made in pencil

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¡A big greeting to the artistic community of steemit!

Below I present my entry for the contest @jacinta.sevilla who through these initiatives awakens awareness in the steemit community about the conservation of marine species now a days we do not take care of the habitat where these living beings live, therefore they are the main affected, theme of the week are the cetaceans and represent (Inia geoffrensis) a freshwater dolphin

Dolphin 🌊🐬


Appearance in my country

Is the largest freshwater dolphin that exists and lives in the swampy and rapid waters of the Orinoco, in its affluent amber and in the clear waters of the Negro. The variety found in our Orinoco is called Inia geofrensis humboldtiana and is considered a species in a vulnerable state of conservation.

Among the real threats of the dolphins are the indiscriminate hunting to use as bait of the fish called mapurite catfish. They sacrifice the dolphins and then use the pieces as bait.

Step by step process









(Fotos y texto que incluyo en este post por: @Jesuskin)


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Woooow i love the sparkle effect!
Great work and thanks for joining.

It was a pleasure to prepare this drawing for your initiative, congratulations for order to highlight these issues. Respects🐬♥️

♥️♥️♥️🙏 my pleasure. I have new idea for next contest too

Nicely done!! Salute to you

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Esto es realmente increible me encanto! Saludos amigo