Painting a black cat fishing

in art •  6 months ago  (edited)

A short walk through of painting this black cat painting.

black cat 2 revamp preview.jpg

The idea was simply to paint a black cat, I liked the idea of a fairly simple and neutral colour palette with a bright orange gold fish.


I took it a bit further and gave him a fisherman's hat and a tackle box. For whatever reason, yarn seems to be the choice of line.


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Agwhwahghhh... those eyes <3. If I see this cat in real, I'll probably throw them lots and lots of food XD.
Wooo, nice subtle animation. I love how the water reacts gently. Very nifty and cool, Jeremy :D.


Thank you kindly :v)

I LOVE this!!!

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Thank you @kipswolfe

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que bonito gato pescador, buena ilustración amigo.


gracias amigo

When I looked at your paintings I saw three colours: Orange, Blue and Black.
Shadows make something of great in your drawing.
I want to day thanks to c-squared ti take me here and to have the possibility to enjoy your work!

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Thank you! @moncia90

Beautiful artwork, Jeremy!


Thank you!

Very beautiful eyes! Gorgeous drawing!


Thank you!

This painting made me smile so much :D I love the idea that the cat is adapting a human pose to fish ! XD When I saw the title, I thought about the cat fishing with a feline pose or action, but then I opened the post and I'm like.... smiles happily

Gorgeous colours, also <3 Wonderful !


Thank you kindly! I am glad you enjoyed my post.

Thank you dear friend 💗 very nice


Many thanks