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Hello Steemit Friends. Iam here again for another blog and another Artwork. Its been a long time when I last post. But today, today! I maked a Paper Craft. I will try my skills in this Kind of Style or Art. I inspired to learn this because Iam amazed in the outcome/product. And also its 3D so we can used it design in our house or a figurine.

For my First time of doing this. I choiced to make a Baymax Model. I very loved Baymax.


Step by Step Procedures :

  • First I printed the Template/Design of Baymax. I used A4 Vellum Board 220gsm for my medium and I used board for the durability of the Artwork.



  • Next is Cutting of the Template. I used Scissors for the straight line and Cutter for the Small details.

And here are the First Page which his head, badge and Body.


In the Second Page have his Legs, Hands and Box where he stand.


  • Folding/Making the parts in 3D Form. I started to Fold the Head. At first the template its like an Octopus then I put a Glue in the Red Dot which you can put it together.


And here you can see the Outcome and its look like now 3D.


Next is the Body. In this part is hard for me because its hard to form 3D.





  • Put Together. At first I put the badge in his chest then put the Head.


Next I put his feet and excited to see the outcome.


After I put his Hands and put Baymax in box. Its Finish!


For me at first I think its easy to make Paper Craft but its hard especially in small details that I need to put together.

Time Duration : 6hrs and his height is 5.5Inch Tall with Box


Thats All for this Day! :) Thank you so much for reading this Blog.

Dropping by @jepoyasinas



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