As Within, So Without

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'As Within, So Without' - acrylics, acrylic inks, gel pen and spray paint on 50 x 100 cm box canvas.


Some of you already know that I was attacked by a neighbour's dog last November, which resulted in my needing reconstructive surgery to a gaping hole in the back of my thigh.

After being confronted with the shocking sight and sensation of parts of my own insides suddenly being on the outside, this phrase, "As within, so without", began ringing in my awareness loud and clear. It has been working its way through my system ever since. The Dog Bite Incident initiated a process of bringing that which was still buried deep inside up to the surface for my conscious attention.

Although I wrangled my demons relentlessly over the years, I simply hadn't gone deep enough to stop the repeating patterns which led to me being attacked. Many factors had prevented me from going all the way back to the deepest roots of my trauma, but I realise like never before that taking care of my internal wounds - which absolutely requires going all the way back to the bedrock of their beginnings - is absolutely essential.

Coping with the effects of Attachment Disorder and Complex PTSD forms the beginning and end of my daily experience here. It has been this way for as long as I remember, and before. My early childhood experiences, like so many of us, provided me with a warped and self-destructive perception of Self and Other. I see now with great clarity how this skewed perspective has shaped and formed every event in my life. It affects both my subconscious programming and my conscious mind's valiant attempts to overcome that programming.


I've been very fortunate in always having had access to a deep wellspring of creativity through which to express myself - poetry, writing, singing and songwriting, drawing, painting... Over the last 10 years especially, painting has been daily therapy and soul food to me, providing both an emotional outlet free of censorship or judgement AND a safe, joyous place within which to practise and nourish my connection to the All That Is. Art for me is a direct line to the One source from which we all emanate and to which we will all ultimately return...

When I paint, I am in direct communion with Source, co-creating, in the zone, totally in flow - in short, free!

Works like 'As Within, So Without' express so much more than I could ever put into words. They resonate with truth, with understanding, with acknowledgement, with real-isation, with LIFE! Honouring, celebrating and giving voice to this connection; transmuting the pain caused by separation from it into that which can help and heal... This is my calling. ❤

Detail from 'As Within, So Without'

Spontaneously manifested 'Girl' detail from 'As Within, So Without


Do you see her, this spontaneously-manifested Child of the Unlimited Universe? Do you see her potential? Do you see her power to create? Her innocence? Her openness? Her absolute connection to the All That Is?

She (we) gives the appearance of being 'A Human Being' - an individual entity, small, weak, vulnerable. But as Dr. Bruce Lipton says, she is "the chemist in charge of a community of 50 trillion cells..." A COMM-UNITY. A community of cells in a giant, human-shaped petri dish - a trillion individual cells working together in unison, for which she, as chemist, provides the culture... And the culture medium is the determining factor in the quality of life - the functioning, optimal or otherwise - of every single one of those 50 trillion cells. In the case of 'A Human Being', that culture medium is blood. The blood carries not only nutrients and hydration to every cell but also a plethora of vital information about the environment, along with instructions about how to respond to it...

Let's take a moment to ponder the following:

  • Start with the Observer Effect (the fact that "The observer affects the observed" ).

  • Add the phenomena known as the Placebo Effect (whereby healing occurs because the patient believes in the treatment, or the doctor, the substance, even if the efficacy of that substance is ordinarily nil).

  • Now add the fact that the human brain until age 7 functions in Theta (hypnosis/unguarded/sponge-like) state.

How do you reckon that equation works out? How might it be playing out in the world around us and within us right now?

With that equation in mind, let's hypothesise how we might begin to change the shitstorm all around us (and within us), with this enlightening information at the forefront of our beautiful, powerful conscious minds... What information will we choose to send to our personal inner community? And as one cell in the body of humanity, what are we giving and receiving - is the culture in which we are attempting to function supportive of health?

As Within, So Without indeed. Art and soul. The Art of Mind, with Perception and Environment (culture) shaping Reality. What reality will you and I choose? ❤

With love,



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Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

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Awwww, thank you, mandelsage - I would be honoured! It's so lovely to hear a voice amongst the virtual tumbleweeds here on Steemit ;o) <3

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Thank you very much - I really appreciate your interest in and support of my work <3

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Thank you - I really appreciate your support :o)