Sketching in curved spaces #2 Rafael, the "Artisant chansonnier"

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The story..

I moved to Angoulême three months ago. Madeleine, the lady who managed my location, soon understood that I was going to have a good feeling with my neighbors. "Oh! Il n'y a que des artistes dans cet inmeuble" (trad: Only artists lives in this house) . One Sunday morning, having a pleasant "cafe crême" next to the Marché des Halles, an improvised conversation with two ladies in her early sixties came to the table. One of the lady was carrying an incredible cake with strange geometrical figures at the top. This attired my attention: The cake was decorated with erotic pagan symbols to celebrate the upcoming of the spring, she said. A young man, who was writing in his notebook did not loose the chance to meet our erotic pagan discussion around the cakes. It was Rafael. He was sharp, full of smart humor, his participation in this improved meeting brought a lot of laugh. I realized he was my neighbor.

In the following weeks we became friends, having good time knowing each of us. He has a spherical intelligence and is able to talk with criteria and sens about multiple subjects. Of course, I introduced him to my researchs on the application of Riemann's curved spaces in drawing. I guess he understands the underlying concepts, which are mathematically complex.

As any ordinary intelligent guy, Rafael has multiple activities, he speaks 3 languages, worked on different communications jobs but he defines his-self as "Artisant Chansonnier" a kind of song writer. He has an extraordinary ability with the guitar and his apartment, just at the top of mine, parade the most talented musical promises in the region.

One day, I had the chance to meet Bertrand, a french gentleman with all the flavor of the great french comedians as Jean Paul Belmondo, Jean Gabin, Phillipe Noiret or Raimu. We were having a coffee in Rafael's kitchen and I had to interrupt the conversation as I was fascinated by Bertrand voice. "Excusez moi de vous interrompre, mais votre voix est juste parfaite! Radiophonic!" (trad: Excuse me for this interruption, but your voice is just perfect, radiophonic!) If the average people, say for example, speaks in an 8 bit voice, Bertrand seems to speak in 64 bits! Perfect diction, perfect sens of the sentence, and of course, an unusual "de Gaullienne" pause (imitated by all the french presidents since, but never overcome)

Bertrand and Rafael make an unusual duo, they sing and play different instruments as well as they send sharp and sarcastic messages to their public (If you came to France, you have to be engaged with your ideas, people are curious about your position in different subjects, so you have to be ready to defend your arguments).

Finally, it was a pleasure to collaborate with this guys in the promotion of their next concert, and here is the result:

The result...


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