Sometimes You Need To Start Over. Art lessons = Life lessons

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So after spending about a week trying to make the sky look the way I wanted it to look , I had to say : nope.... and take a big fat brush on it to cover it all up.


Yup. I was frustrated with it for whole day yesterday, trying to make it look the way I saw it in my vision. In my inspired mind's eye.

Just before the breaking point it looked something like this



Actually not even. I did not take a picture of it right before I could not stand it anymore. I painted the clouds way more red.

And this is 10 minutes later after my "Let Go" moment...


And guess what? I felt a deep relief. All of a sudden I was able to work on it again. The block was gone.

Now I know it's going the right direction. I will repaint the sky in MUCH BETTER WAY

Today I worked on the details of the hills, forests and mountains in the background.



That's life. Do think how much time you gave to something but only follow your heart. Even years of efforts spent on something that does not make you happy do not justify staying in that situation.

Your NOW is your EVERYTHING. Past is a cemetery and future is an illusion. You can only be happy now. In a Happy Now moment :)

Sometimes you just need to walk out, turn the page...or well in my case, take a big fat brush on it :)


Much Love to all!

Thank you for your support!

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Gosh, it already is looking so much better, Jan ! I think your instincts are absolutely spot on, there's something that wasnt quite connecting between the old sky and the rest of the painting, but now.... now i can see that the blockage has been removed and the creative energies can plow full steam ahead :D :D :D

It is good to realize that we sometimes do have to take a big fat brush over our hard work even if we had done a lot of efforts to it, because like you say, there ain't no such thing as the present, and the NOW :D


Thank you @veryspider. Totally agreed. Just waiting for the layer to dry so I can finally jump on the sky again. I can't really begin the work in the foreground (the romantic couple sitting on the flower-covered window pane) until the sky is done. Patience, my major challenge :D

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