"GOD'S EYE", my first large painting of 2019 started. Exclusive on Steemit

in art •  17 days ago

So I'm sharing this only on Steemit so far. It's gonna be my first large canvas in 2019 and it will be called "God's Eye".


It is still in process and lots will change.

The most visible changes always come to life at the last stage of painting, when all the detials pop out. I love that phase of creating art. It's like you breathe a life in a statue and it come to life. It's totally magical.

But before you get there, there's lots and lots of work to be done, especially with a 8 feet long painting and so many details and objects in it. The objects are still mostly in my head and I am telling you it will be awesome.

My surrealism birthing to next level.

Today I will show you what I got so far and how I got there.
Don't judge anything quite yet. You will see the result in two weeks, maybe one if I sleep well. Yesterday I worked 16 hours on it but got bad sleep after that so I the progress slowed down significantly today.... not all days are supernova days!


This is step by step of the so far progress.



2 a.JPG

2 b.jpg




6 a.jpg



And this is where I left my brushes rest today:


I am exhausted and will go home unusually soon (9pm).

Pray for me sleep if you want to see this beauty come to life sooner than later.

Thank you for your support,

Much Love to all,


Jan elephant magnolia.jpg

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That is a large canvas! I think it must be exhausting to work on it - in a good way of course :)

I already love the way it looks and I'm thrilled to see all the details that you want to add. The progress is great and I like that it becomes darker and darker (in terms of colors being strong)

Don't let us wait for too long :) BUT get some good sleep as well :)

Have a good productive day! :)


Thanks for having such an attentive look and for your lovely comment @delishtreats ! Yes I used the lighter tones in the beginning to surround them with dark ones to create contrast. Sometimes I do the opposite- start on black and paint light on top. Have a fantastic day my friend!

I really like that you showed us step by step of your amazing painting that is still not finished yet and I can't wait to see the finished project and pray for your good sleep and rest.
You really get to appreciate the art so much better when you actually see it step by step because you get to see how much work and creativity goes to it.

Looks amazing so far @jankasparec. Now get some good sleep.


Dear Joanna, thank you so much for our thoughtful comment. Sending tons of love back!

Can’t wait to see how amazing this one is gonna be :)


Thanks so much Gladys! You will see it soon!

Great job @jankasparec and I love that you work on such a grand scale. I love painting large pieces, though I haven't done a large one in sometime.


Hello fellow artist @donnadavisart! I love large pieces too, but luckily for me, that is mostly what I do :) Keep on creating sister!

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Great artwork
Thanks for showing step by step!
I love to see how an artist draw the pictures


Thank you so much @lotusfleur!


Do you also have UV paintings?

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Not yet. Been thinking about it for years, although I am happy with the "classical" oil painting approach for now :) Thank you!

This post is sponsored and featured by @Appreciator in collaboration with @c-squared. Just keep up the good work.

That is an amazing topic for your first large painting this year.
Very cool that you publish your content exklusive first on steemit.