Symmetry art

in art •  2 years ago 

Hi friends,
I am an artist and love digital symmetry and fractal art.
This is one of the symmetry art I made, hope you like it.


Can any one help me to find out appropriate steemit user, work on the same theme.
Thanks ...

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You can join @artguy.
He also do the same type of work.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Nice and beautiful .

Thanks @jalloul.

So cool 😵

Ha ha ..🤣

Beautiful work @james7 I work with mirroring / symmetry images too. I mirror trees mostly and started with fractal images beginning of this year. I'll post some very soon. You might want to check out my profile. I up-voted and followed you. Cheers M8.

Great, you can also join @artguy, as @motivator suggested. His art is awosem.
Follow you and looKing for future post.

@james7 I'll check them out thank you. I just posted a new blog and its particularly fractal symmetry / mirroring work. Check it out.

Really nice. What do you use to create it?

I used Photoshop and colorefexpro.