Teaching Them to Fly: Watercolor owl painting

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Watercolor painting

This is what I have been working on lately. I haven't completely finished this really but I think this is about 90% finished. I'd still like to share it.

But before that?

I'd like to ask how are you guys? It has been a while since I posted anything and I do see many people still being active here. Steemit is still good. Is there anything new? How is your art going? how is blogging going? keep it up!


Okay, to start let me just show my art, or whatever I have been doing lately. A bunch of Work in progress artworks.
Most are watercolor and colored pencils.

This is my latest Owl art, as usual, I keep drawing owls. Mysterious and beautiful creatures no?
This is up close, I seem to have deleted the latest photo, maybe I'll finish this and repost. Although it's weird how 2019 has not been artistically fruitful in the sense that I have not finished even one artwork?

These are the baby owls, at this stage they are learning to fly, fledgelings.

Full view but a little bit less done.

I have created less detail now, it is so different from using colored pencils.

Perhaps this is the last WIP photo I can give, as you can see there's a base tone, and you see how I layer.

Colored pencil corner

I bought prisma colored pencils, in fact I have many new art materials but I have not been able to make new art, as I said, I will just give you all a glimpse of the unfinished art I started.


PRISMA vs. MITSUBISHI colored pencils

I also did an example of drawing a realistic eye using two brands of colored pencils.
So, this is the prisma colors

and to compare,

Notice anything?

well, I do, but I am not telling you! haha
So, all I can say is, they are both good brands but as we can see, the Prisma color one is darker and more saturated although even if the mitsubishi one is light and a bit duller, it can be a good combo to achieve different effects.

That's all!

Hope you all are doing well! keep steeming!


drop some comments below!
God bless you!



I am sure that not finishing your artworks is just a period. It will pass and you'll be doing even better than before. I like your owls :) I'm not sure if your other paintings were watercolor as well but I can say that you're good at it :) The colors are blended perfectly and I enjoy the whole scene of a mother protecting her child - or at least this is what I see there.

I wish you a lot of creativity Jacinta! Have a lovely start of the week!

Hi! I do think this emptiness will go away, thank you for the positivity, that's heart warming <3
Thank youuu and have a great day ahead.

I havent been on here for a while, nice to post a few times again!

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Such an awesome watercolor painting of an owl 🙌😁 Is it just me, or do their faces look really majestic?🤔

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Their faces do look awesome, like mystical and graceful.
Thank you!

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I can’t believe I’ve found another art and owl lover :)

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