Drawing the face: Self portraiture -Graphite on paper/ basic proportions of the face and drawing hair

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The Art for Today

Hello dear steemians! let me share my artwork from 2013!

The title is Color blind inspired by the song from Glee - Colorblind lyrics. As you can see on the page I wrote a part of the lyrics that just hits the right words for my emotions that time, or the emotions I wanted to project
scanned 7.jpg

I did my usual portraiture art style with the subject being black and white and the flowers using colored pencils.

like this

  • Title: Color blind
  • Medium: Mixed media
  • Materials: colored pencils, graphite pencils, gel pen
  • size: 9" x 12"
  • year: 2013

The reference

I don't have the picture anymore but something close to it, just to show you it's really me.

OKay, that's me right there with the bowtie! I dressed up as a guy for a dance... LOL
And I always used to like my hair short like that.


The song

If you would like to read and listen, here's the song


I dont think I have much WIP photos, or any at all.
Here's all I could find

A little bit on the process, self portraits are often difficult to do because our image of ourselves is a bit distorted or biased really. We draw ourselves a bit more like how we imagine ourselves to be rather than drawing the exact representation.

Drawing a Human Face

Instead, let me show you some guidance using helpful images I found online.
human face.jpg
Image source

This is the basic rule, you need basic shapes to guide you if you are not so used to proportions of the face and body yet.
See the red lines?

Here are some steps for it:

image source

As you can see the steps are very simple, like drawing an oblong or an egg then dividing it with lines. then you know how and where to place the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.


image source

Actually this picture is a guide to draw the nose but since the face is also shaded and blended, I saw it's the best example.

take a pencil and shade using light cross hatching and just smudge. erase areas that have lighter parts and shine.

The hair

{Source: see video tutorial here](


I am not the best at hair but if you try hard enough you can achieve this.
You can put an initial layer of shading before defining the lines of the hair.

if I don't feel so tired I usually do all the details. But even I have to practice even more:
Here are some works Ive done

couple portrait: commissioned

  • see here the pencil I used is dark and thick so the hair lines are not as fine and thin. but as long as you follow the flow of the hair it will look natural.

Lastly, curly hair!!!!!!!!!
I love curly cause its messy and artistic!
anyway, I used a mechanical pencil with a point of 0.07 so its more natural looking due to the thin lines it can create.

I hope you learned and enjoyed the art I made. Hopefully, the tips, though few can help you!

Thank you for stopping by


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As usual, more inspiration and knowledge! I've just been thinking, maybe it is because of reading your posts that I am suddenly drawing more and wanting to draw more and more? I think so.


Awww thats the sweetest thing ive heard!!!!
Yayyyyyyyy :D have u posted any?????
I go check them out! Weeeeee
Thank youuuuuuuu

ur art is very beautiful


Thank you very much! more to come :D

Wow your illustrations are amazing! So so very impressed and loved the tutorials as well. I used to be a keen drawer but never have the time any more, but this has definitely inspired me to pick up my pencils again! Thanks for posting!!


Yes!!!! Keep drawing! Its the best gift ever. So glad thear that. I just started to draw again last year after a long stop. Art really heals and inspired. Id love to see your art. Keep posting and who knows who you will inspire right?


Exactly right! Thank you, I appreciate it :) all the best!


youre welcome! bless yoU! have a great 2018

good article
with super drawing 👌👌


Youre so kind. Thanks


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Very well done, my dear. Keep drawing!


Thank you very much!!!!!

Wow, that is impressive in so many ways. The story is engaging and I feel like I know you now just from the way you write and the pictures you share. I especially liked the pictures of your past and the one where you dress up with your friends as a boy as a joke. :)

Your art is very good and I like how you explained it ever bit as much. Thanks for sharing that here @jacita.sevilla


Hi there. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and appreciation!
🌟🎉 Happy new year and it's so nice to hear you like my art.

Yes it is fun. Its for a dance anyway hehe.

See you around!


Yes I do like it @jacinta.sevilla, very much :)... I haven't learned those cool like colorful smilies yet or I would send you 5 of them (maybe even 10)... hehehe ;)

You look like you have lots of fun and that is what life is about! I'm glad I connected to you and have a terrific day!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're always amazing!


<3 Glory to God!
He has blessed us!!!
keep writing awesome posts <3

A very nice post


why thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Wow, I checked your blog ang galing mo 😍


ill check yours toooo :D thank you so much po <3
galing moooooooooo

凄いね! :)

slow clap
Maka wow jud ning mga artists ba. Mura Ezra band. Haha 😁👌

The sketches are fantastic but the instructions were even better! I have only done a little bit of drawing myself but the basic proportions and hair are very tricky (not to mention the eyes) so it was great to read about your approach and how you produce the results. Of course, nothing beats lots of practice and this is where I fall a bit short :p