Abstract art painting #63 by Iván Cañas

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"The love of art gives fullness to life, the material happens. Only the beautiful, eternal creation of the spirit endures."

Luis A. Ferre

Firma Steemit.jpg

2019 -Acrylic on canvas, 25x33 cm, made with spatula, brush and cloth.

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WhatsApp: +58 4247643152

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Hi ivancanas,

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Hello Hello!

How interesting ... Sometimes people just look at paint stains but I feel that I look at the effort, perseverance and creativity to generate a good job! Congratulations

Greetings from Venezuela

Hola Iván @ivancanas. Lo poco que he visto de tu obra plástica me encanta. Ojalá y algún día pueda comprarte aunque sea una. Recibe un gran abrazo y un cordial saludo

Hola Marcy, espero que estés muy bien. Envíame tu N° de WhatsApp y conversamos.

dear @ivancanas I really like your art, I love all the colors you used, warm, soft, hard ... I see a castle in the middle of the lake and the sky where anything can happen :-)) you do it for passion or it is your job?
Thanks for sharing with us and congratulations on your curie rating

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