When you just have a bad day... Zombie art

in art •  last year

Hi, guys!

And good evening to everyone. Huh. Yes. You know what I did? I just failed to film a video. For 10 minutes I thought I was filming, and I was nervous (English is not my native), but when I finished I understood that I failed to press the button to film! Damn...

Well, this made my evening. I already felt shitty, no mood, no happiness, and this just...Urrrrgh.

So I just stood up and went to the gym. I hoped this will help, but no! Thing that always worked didn't help, I still feel shitty. Mom said that a cup of cocoa could help, so after supper I will try this as well.

And what are your tips to correct your day in the evening if it was bad from very morning? Please share in the comments below, I would be really interested to know:)

I wish you all the best and will be happy if you'll support me with vote:)

Love, Inber

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I hate it when something like that happens! I admire those who can just say "oh well," and then go back and do the whole thing over. I can't-- I have to leave and do something completely different, and it is unlikely that i will ever be able to re-do the original (video/story/art) anywhere near as well as I first did.

I do like your coffee zombie.

Seriously, though... I don't have any really good tips on how to recover from a shitty incident. Usually, I just try to forget about it by doing something completely different instead.


I also hate it.. Afterwards I already don't have that amount of energy I put in the process at the first time, so no point to try again immediately:)

Drawing can be meditative. It's a great outlet to center yourself. Your art does reflect the mood in this piece. Sorry ya didn't get the video, it would've been cool to see. Hope you have a better day.

be patient and keep trying, to realize your dream

be patient, for me this is a good painting, you are creative

Я просто знаю, что настроение бывает разным и стараюсь не переживать по этому поводу. Когда плохое настроение я принимаю это, да плохое ну и фиг с ним, ок, ладно, я побуду в плохом настроении, ничего страшного не случится. Плохому настроению становится скучно со мной и оно уходит незаметно.

Так же юмор помогает. Над собой шутить всегда полезно, даже когда никого рядом нет.

А, вспомнил советы от специалистов, короче, наше поведение и настроение взаимно влияют друг на друга. Поменять настроение простым намерением мы обычно не можем, но можем внешне вести себя так, как будто у нас хорошее настроение. Принять соответствующую осанку, смотреть вверх, а не вниз и так далее.
Но я обычно этот совет забываю :)


Есть еще совет смеяться перед зеркалом через силу до тех пор, пока не начнешь смеяться по-настоящему)) Все собираюсь попробовать))


Интересно )
Только надо чтобы дома никого не было )

@inber, very nice arts. I love it. Thanks for sharing.