Gym issues and fun drawings

in art •  2 months ago 

Hi, guys!

I fixed my schedule a bit, and fixed my posting back to morning time. I still have some issues with gym time. It's more comfortable for me when I go there right after waking up, and afterwards I know that I already done it and can be calm about it, but at the same time after gym I'm super exhausted, and it's nearly impossible to get to normal work. I have to have an hour of good sleep first. My gym training duration are 2-3 hours, so it's natural that I don't feel full of energy after it:)

So, now I'm trying to fix this part of schedule as well, cause these morning trainings interrupt my main work, and then I stay working till night, and have no evening time for myself, and I really need it. I have books that I want to read, and yesterday I installed Skyrim, so.. I really need this time:)

Well, I hope I'll find a solution. Until then - how about some art again?:)

 See you in the next post!

Love, Inber

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Woww sooo cute and beautifull painting 😍 and waiting for your new creativity ❤💛💚💙

You surely going to find time. Sometimes time can be hard for us to create but we just need to do it

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