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Last week, I made that Talisman out of polymer clay... and thought about it for a while. I like it, but I don't want to use polymer clay (plastic), for my talismans, all the time.

I would rather use Flour-Salt-Water Clay. It's about sustainability. The earth does not need any more plastic... but flour-salt-water - that's cool.

1 cup flour
1/3 cup table salt
1/3 cup water (plus as needed to make work-able dough)

Form your talismans, or whatever you want

Bake for 12 hours at 100 degrees - or if your oven does not do that adjust to suit. (My oven does 170 degrees, so I am baking for around 6 hours).

Yes, I am currently ADDICTED to making sigils!!!

I also made candlesticks

for my New Moon Ceremony, where I will activate the paper sigils, by burning them.
After they are finished baking, I will paint the Talismans, and I will hang them in the house so that my subconcious sees them, in the "background" of my life...(some people say you are supposed to "destroy" them, but others suggest keeping them in the "background", because these days we get such an influx of images and symbols from everywhere constantly that we need to "set" our own images, and make them prevalent). After all, Coca Cola does not only show us their sigil once... so the same is true for our sigils. Although we do need to "let go" of caring about the results, I believe we need to keep the images around. I will let go of the results by saying "Bless it or Block it". That works for me.
Stay Tuned!

Artwork © 2017 Joanna Whitney

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Love it! BTW what's worked best for me is to make a bunch of sigils so I forget which sigil is for what, then put them in the background. The idea is to keep the intention of the sigil out of the conscious mind but get it into the subconscious as much as possible.


awesome! thank you for that information - and I can see what you mean - cuz as I was making them, I had no idea which was which - and I wondered if that was ok or not... I was looking forward to your input... also I am hoping that by doing all this talisman-making stuff I am "activating" it enough so that I don't have to do some of the things others have said you"have" to do to activate - ie: bodily fluids, holding your breath and contortionist crap, and etc - which to me is not the energy I want to put into these AT ALL...