Cetacean Drawing Contest - Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin in Watercolors!

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Hello Everyone!!

This my entry for the contest of @jacinta.sevilla, who has the initiative to encourage drawing or painting a cetacean.


I really did not know the cetacean species that exist, so I had to do some research to know about the subject, and also choose which one to draw.

My choice was the Lagenorhynchus Acutus or by its better-known name Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin, mainly I was struck by its characteristic and unique, colorful physique.

Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin


As you can see, from the family of cetaceans this dolphin is one of the smallest.

These dolphins live under the coldest temperatures in the north of the Atlantic Ocean, their name comes from their physical appearance which is the distinctive feature of a patch that ranges from white to yellow, which gives it a unique color variation between the different cetaceans, was named after John Edward Gray in 1828. It belongs to the genus of oceanic dolphins Lagenorhynchus.

The Atlantic White-Sided dolphins are also recognized for being quite acrobatic, that is, they are those who like to interact with boats, and of course, as almost all species of dolphins, they are very sociable.


This species, as its name indicates, lives around the North Atlantic Ocean, the most populated places are the islands of Newfoundland and Cape Cod, then the United Kingdom, Iceland, Greenland, and part of the North Sea.


Another reason why I chose this species is after looking a bit at its history, in the past they had been hunted between the 90's and 2000, and after a few years without the murder of dolphins, in the year of 2017, several were killed at the north of Newfoundland. However, the populations closest to the Baltic Ocean are covered by the Agreement on the Conservation of Small Cetaceans of the Baltic, North East Atlantic, Irish and North Seas (ASCOBANS).


Step by step

I do not usually show the materials I use because I forget it, but this time I made sure to take a picture of them.

1) Watercolours

2) Brushes

3) 3H Pencil

4) White Nail Polish (Yeah, nail polish lol)

What a mess

This is my reference image for my painting:
I just loved and had to choose this one!

Step 1: The sketches are not seen much, but first I made a sketch with the 3H pencil trying to imitate the position of the photograph that I took as a reference.


Step 2: I started making a grayscale on its top with black watercolors, but in doing so with this type of painting my intention was to make it more delicate instead of realistic.


Step 3: What I did next took a little yellow but mixed with white so it was not so dark, I made his characteristic patch and delineate his eye with a black marker.


Step 4: At this time I had to start making the environment, the sea with blue tones, in the photograph I can still see a little-wet paper, I'm sorry about that.


Step 5: The rest of the sea water I did with several shades of blue, between dark and light, also leave some white spaces to have a better effect, the division between the outside and the inside of the water in the skin of the dolphin was simpler than what I thought.


Step 6: Almost done, just added the white nail polish as foam and drops of the sea, as you can see below.


And the final result:



And this is me with my painting :) !!

I had a lot of fun painting this beautiful dolphin, it's the first time I've made one, I think it was not too bad to be the first one.

I hope you enjoy!


Thanks for be here!
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©2018 María Zerpa


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I love your painting, it really is a perfect recreation of the original photograph - the work in progress pictures really tell the whole story of your paining .

Amazing painting, you did very well for you first try and the last photograph with you holding the picture is just perfect.

#thealliance #witness

I always appreciate your comments, is nice to have you around here DQmYsdxDZCM9LzTF5b8kpYG1RT7tors6DtDcCiYXU2AibpT.png

This is a lovely painting! You did a great job and included some interesting information about these creatures! So glad I don't have to live in the coldest ocean water! It is very impressive that you used white nail polish to make the foam in the sea! Brilliant! 😊

Yea well about the nail polish I could use a white paint but I didn't have haha, but I have to keep the work with what I have on my hands right? :P

Thanks for your comment, love and hugs. cora peque.png

Wow wow wow you did such an amazing work with the research and me too i was amazed with how special white sided dolphins look, I actually prefer it compared to regular dolphins but they're all so amazing.

Beautiful entry! Thank you so much for joining! ♥️

🐳🐬🐋 Have a great day 🌟

Thank you for starting it! is fun to find new contest's or challenges that make me go out of my comfort zone. cora peque.png

You're welcome and thanks too!